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More Incarnate Lore Pets


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Just a few ideas:

- Malta

- The Family - I have one Casablanca type character who definitely needs this

- The Cabal

-  Redcaps

- Fir Bolgs

- Tuatha  

- Original Clockwork  ( don't remember seeing this one, but I could have missed it )


It would be nice to have more choices for thematic consistency with your character.



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Vahzilok maybe for necromancy theme builds, and some animals. Also older adds (lost, hellions, skuls (for killing) etc). Neutral drones/energy stuff with extra options (e.g. attack boosting/resistance debuffing robots). Casual citizens.

To keep this game safe, We have to give it to the world. Here you can download your own Private Server and other files. No moneybags're gonna put this genie back in a bottle!

Arc ID #13097 - Archvillain Beatdown, try it out!

Arc ID #21066 - Archvillain Beatdown - Past Edition!

Make Energy Aura available for Tankers plz, Munitions Mastery (Epic) for Masterminds, Temporal Manipulation (attacks) for Dominators, buff somehow underperforming Lore pets (Robotic Drones, Demons, Seers).

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