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Auction House - Double Deposit


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I could be talking straight out my buns,  but I imagine there's a 10% split fee to avoid either side of the transaction from being used in some way.  The market is clogged enough with legit transactions, I can only imagine how bad it would get if people were using it for other-than-intended transactions. 

He doesn't HAVE an ass.  That's one of the things we're transplanting!

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They charge you 5inf even if your list price is below 100inf...so I list everything at 100inf and pay my 5inf like a good girl...then the remainder of the 10% (based on sell price) is taken at time of sale so I don't see it and dont miss it.  I try using Get All Influence button but it hangs up the AH for me for a good 2 minutes.  If you are trying to squeeze every last penny you can and have the time I don't recommend this method, as you may end up with lower sell prices.  But it is quick!  I am sitting on just under 100mil so its not like you wont make gains.


ps...that 100mil is after speccing out 2 builds with purples etc....saving up to finish incarnate now 

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19 hours ago, kiramon said:

Why does the AH take Influence when you post it (let's say, 700k for a 14m sale) ; and then take it again when it sells ?? so it ends up being  10% of the total? Is it like "Half down"? lol 

Think of it as a greed tax; the greedier you are (the higher your minimum acceptable price is), the more you pay.

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In practical terms, it makes selling harder. There is a penalty if you post too high and feel like you need to repost.  BUYING IS EASY; SELLING IS HARD.


Now why is the fee split up into two components?  Because when you post an offer, you have almost no idea where it’s going to sell.  It could be at your posting price.  It could be 2bn.  Having two fees asks for an initial deposit and makes it so it sums up to 10% of the sale.


Why is it 10%?  Influence sink.  I wholeheartedly support this.

Who run Bartertown?


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