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Wings with Capes and Trench coats

Monos King

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I believe the reason is actually not clipping, but that having mutliple flappy things going on at the same time impacts the game's playability because of the mechanics dictating what all the flappy bits should be doing. It's the game engine itself that's the root of the issue, If I recall from Legacy correctly, it has more of an impact on a zone than people standing around with their toggles and buffs running while shoot the breeze in AP.

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And yet… for YEARS after the outfit was released, many of us used the wedding tux tails coat on winged characters, which works basically the same way the trenchcoats and bolero coat do, without issue. (That was changed very late in the game's life, without announcement, resulting in a few people losing favorite costumes after minor edits.)


It's also worth mentioning that for the first few weeks that bolero coat was in the game, you could ALSO equip it on winged characters (for example-).... so it CAN be done.


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