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Ice/TW - which AT?


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Looking for a fun endgame monster type build and Ice/TW seems to ooze potential

I can see how this is a horrible combo on a Brute so all I am really left with is Scrapper vs Tank

Wondering if people have any thoughts on which one I should commit to? (I worry that I wouldnt know just be leveling to 50 and I may only really start to regret my decision once I've alreayd spent way to much inf on it¬†ūüėÖ)



  • Crits
  • Stupid Scrapper tricks
  • Skip Defensive sweep
  • Less 'waste' of Res caps
  • Scrapper Taunt aura!


  • Less use from Hoarfrost
  • Low HP pool takes a beating as TW winds up






  • Huge HP pool to enjoy Hoarfrost benifits
  • Unurivaled aggro
  • More target caps on AoE? (It this right? from recent changes)
  • Everyone loves to see a tank join team (dying breed)
  • Isnt a Brute


  • Forced to take defensive sweep
  • Nowhere near utalising 90% res caps
  • Too much aggro? No reliable heal = dead?
  • Might not have the top end tank performance I crave?





Anyone else got some pros/cons to throw in the mix to help me make a decision? Anything I am missing/overlooking?


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Unfortunately, Ice Armor for Scrappers does not have a taunt aura built into Chilling Embrace or Icicles (unless there was a change recently).  Of course Chilling Embrace makes them run away very slowly and the aoe's for TW already seem pretty big and deadly so they might not have a chance to run away.

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I highly recommend TW/Bio Scrapper and Ice/TW Tanker. 

Bio's absorb and adaptation make the Scrapper extremely durable by bypassing their HP cap with the absorb and making them feel like they're not even taking damage at all. 

Ice's high HP due to Hoarfrost feels wasted a lot on Scrappers because they can only get so high, whereas the Tankers can get to 3.6k easily with it, ice also provides a ton of taunt for the tanker. Not the greatest for a Scrapper. 

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Ice scrapper have stronger  damage and two T9 Ice Bastion and Hibernate ( epic pool.) Ice Bastion is a no crash amazing low recharge T9 argulaby one of the top performers that Tanks do not get.  For this one case the scrapper is stronger than Tanks for survivability It will also out damage the Tank.  The loss of taunt aura in chilling embrace is almost unnoticeable to me. Why, because chilling embrace slow gives you just the amount of time for you to kill. They never get a chance to leave your grip.


 If survivability and damage is your goal scrapper has both if larger 10 +  aoe  is your goal tank is it.


Last if you want to play Tank play Tank a scrapper is not going to hold aggro like a Tank. 

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Aid Self works pretty good on ice armor tank vs most enemies, 6 slot it with 5 panacea 1 interrupt.  The prereq can be satisfied with Injection, a reasonably useful power that doesn't have to be slotted with anything.


tanks are definitely not a dying breed, sometimes I've been on teams that are 4 tanks out of 8.

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