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Old school base fiend just now over the loss of my old lairs, and starting a new one.  Loving the new tools, objects and freedoms.

I'm rebuilding my You-Only-Live-Twice volcano lair.  Only now, of course, it's a VERY TALL volcano.

However, once I quit out of the base editor, I hit an invisible ceiling inside my volcano.  I have checked out other bases with open sky, and have been able to fly quite high in their open areas.  What have I overlooked in various FAQs?  I'd read that to transition from "base" to "outside base" required teleporters, but I haven't even run into that--  I just fly high to the max in those bases.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance!

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That's what I'm thinking.  I couldn't find a specific reference in faqs to the in-base "ceiling", or at least as far as it figured in here.  I'd thought the only way to navigate between the planes-- above, base level, and below-- was via teleporters, but now it seems that "outside the base" does not heed these planes(?)  So the only actual room I need is the entrance, and everything outside that room is a free for all? All that's really needed is a floor of some sort to stand on?

The only other thing I'm wondering about now is I read that I can "build above up to a height of 900 or a low of -2,000"-- but what do those numbers mean?  What is the measurement of a fully open, high ceiling to low floor base room on that same scale, for reference?

Off to float floor tiles to FIND MY LIMITS

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On 2/29/2020 at 9:07 PM, AngryRedHerring said:

I actually have that open in another tab.  Mind being a bit more specific?  I honestly would not have asked if I hadn't spent time already trying to figure it out on my own.

Actually that one is sparse on the details. I ought to have re-checked before linking. This is the one you want and the one I consult since it has all the details:



So what you do is follow this, set a a teleport inside. If you have set the ceiling as 'open sky' you can fly outside in editor mode. Place the other point outside.

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