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I've been collecting these for a while.  All I do is get a screen capture during the load screen.  I've noticed that you don't get "load screen tips" when entering *named* zones (Ouro, Atlas Park, Port Oakes, etc.)  You only get a load screen tip when entering unnamed zones (your superbase, mission maps, etc.)  I guess "unnamed" is what is meant by "instanced" maps.


I think I've collected a fair amount so far.  And I'll update it from time to time.


Accolade badges are earned by collecting a themed set of other badges...and sometimes earn the player a special power.

After level 20, characters in Primal Earth can receive Alignment Mission Tips as drops which offer decision points as to how to approach specific scenarios.

After ten Alignment Missions towards a particular alignment, you will receive a Morality Mission: an opportunity to switch to or reinforce that alignment.

After you do enough for a contact they will give you their Cell Phone number, which saves you running to the contact to get or turn in missions.

All costume options are now available at character creation.

All hail Emperor Cole!

Always double check that you are purchasing the correct Enhancement.  If you make a mistake, you will get back less than you paid if you have to sell it back to the store.

Ancillary Power Pools are available to heroes and villains after reaching level 35.

Arenas are for team-based or even 1 on 1 PvP.  You can find terminals to set up matches in Pocket D or at any arena.  Check your map!

As Praetoria and Primal Earth draw closer together, can war be far behind?

At Level 4 you can choose a Travel Power.  For example: You can select the ability to Fly from the Flight Power Pool.

At level 15 and again at level 25 you can choose a special title for your character.

Attuned Enhancements' enhancement bonuses scale with the user as they level up.

Badges can be earned by achieving certain milestones in a character's career.

Badges can be earned by completing special missions or tasks.

Badges can be earned by exploring the city.

Badges can be earned by reading plaques about the history of the city.

Base Editing Tip: Alt lets you rotate an object on its vertical axis.

Base Editing Tip: Bases now have access to more items than ever.  And without badge unlock requirements!

Base Editing Tip: Control+Alt lets you rotate an object on the pitch axis.

Base Editing Tip: Hold Control then Right Click to return an object to a standard orientation.

Base Editing Tip: Shif+Alt lets you rotate an object on the roll axis.

Base Editing Tip: Supergroups start off with 100 million prestige.  Go build the base of your dreams!

Base Editing Tip: You can use /sg_passcode to make your base accessible to others.

Be excellent to each other!

Being defeated after level 10 will earn your character Experience Point debt.  Half of new XP earned will go towards paying off that debt.

Being defeated in an instanced mission earns only half the debt of being defeated in a public zone.

Bloody Bay is a PvP zone where Heroes and Villains fight each other over meteor fragments.

Brutes gain Fury by attacking and being attacked.  The larger their Fury bar, the more damage they dish out.

By the time you've read this, the zone has already loa...

Characters exposed to time travel are Entrusted with the Secret, and are given a power enabling them to reach the Ouroboros zone.

Check /gmotd for a list of the community GMs.

City Info Tracker can track your badges, influence, and other character Information.

Clockwork have a special weakness that betrays their true origin.

Complete a level 5-9 or level 10-14 Safeguard or Mayhem mission in Primal Earth for the first time will reward you with a Temporary Travel power.  This is very handy to get around!

Completing a Safeguard or Mayhem mission in Primal Earth the first time will reward you with a long duration Temporary Power.

Controllers and Dominators get pets later in their career.  Masterminds can start the game with controllable minions.

Dark Watcher was an original member of the Freedom Phalanx in the 1940's.  He was thought to be lost, but was actually wandering dimensions.  He is back on our world now, working for Vanguard.

Darkness powers draw their source from a place called the Netherworld.

Day Jobs can grant you badges, improved rewards and temporary powers.  Logging back in a Day Job location will grant a character Day Job bonuses.

Dominators build a Domination bar through attacking that can improve their control when activated.

Dual and Team Inspirations will sometimes drop from enemies and can now be traded.

Dual Inspirations provide the bonuses of two different standard inspirations.

Dual Origin Enhancement are twice as effective as Training Enhancements.

Each Origin starts with a unique attack power to get you through the lower levels.

Enemies that con Purple to you are harder for you to hit, harder to damage, and more resistant to debuffs.

Enhancements are color-coded according to function.  Damage Enhancements, for example, always have a red background.

Enhancement Boosters allow you to improve enhancement bonuses on Invention Origin enhancements by a small amount.  They may be combined on most IO Enhancements up to 5 times.

Enhancement Boosters, Converters, Catalysts, and Unslotters can all be traded via the trade window, email, and the market.

Enhancement Catalysts can drop after defeating any enemy.

Enhancement Catalysts can be used to convert most IO Enhancements into Attuned Enhancements.

Enhancement Unslotters can be used to unslot a single enhancement of your choice.

Enhancements are color-coded according to function.  Damage Enhancements, for example, always have a red background.

Enriche is delicious, filling, and low in calories.


Fires can be extinguished with Cold powers or with fire extinguisher temporary powers.

Following an Alignment Mission Tip as a particular alignment (Hero, Vigilante, Rogue, or Villain) will push you towards that alignment.


Glowing mission objectives make a distinct sound to help you find them.

Go. Hunt. Kill Skuls.

Hazard Zones have larger sized spawns, and are a challenge for groups.

Hellions are resistant to fire and susceptible to cold.

Hero & Vigilante tips can only be found in Paragon City.  Rogue & Villain tips can only be found in the Rogue Isles.

Heroes, want to spend some more time making your costume perfect?  Visit an Icon Store in Atlas Park, Steel Canyon, Independence Port, or Founders Falls.

If you activate a power and it is not recharged, or the target is out of range, it will 'Queue Up' and execute as soon the correct conditions are met.

If you are on a Task/Strike Force, you cannot access your normal mission list, and may only undertake the missions of that Task or Strike Force.

If you can't find a mission despite being right on top of it, it may be underneath you. Look for nearby tunnel entrances that could take you to it.

If you currently have enough Tips to max out your daily Alignment Mission credit, no more Tips will drop for you until you dismiss one.

If you don't like your teammates teleporting you without your permission you can turn on "Prompt Team Teleport" in the options menu.

If your character uses a weapon, they can customize it at the Tailer/Facemaker.

Impervium is the strongest metal in the known universe.

In a hurry to change alignment?  Talk to Null the Gull in Pocket D.

Inspirations drop often, so don't forget to use them in tough battles.

Invented Enhancements are never outgrown and their bonus remains static once slotted.

Invention Salvage can be sold to almost any store, but might be worth more to another player.  Try selling it on the Market.

It's all a Nemesis plot.

Just after World War II, Nemesis was sworn in as Emporer of the Americas.  His reign was short, however.

Kheldians gain buffs when teamed up with various archetypes.

Kings Row is the Best Row.

Larger groups get an XP bonus.

Level 50 characters can continue earning experience.  Instead of leveling up, they receive Veteran Level badges and rewards!

Logging out a character for 100 hours within a Day Job location will grant the character a badge that corresponds with the location.  Example: Logging out at a hospital will earn a character the Caregiver or Pain Specialist Badge.

Many players hold costume contests in Atlas Park, under the statue of Atlas.

Mastermind pets on Follow/Defensive will take a share of damage that is dealt directly to the Mastermind.

Merit Rewards are granted upon completion of difficult or time-consuming tasks such as Story Arcs, Task Forces, Trials and defeating Giant Monsters.

Merit Rewardscan be redeemed for some of the most powerful enhancement recipes in the game, including Purple and PvP recipes.

Mission Architect Tip: A mission can have more than on primary (or advanced) goal, even of the same type.

Mission Architect Tip: A story can have up to five missions, each with multiple goals.

Mission Architect Tip: Always back up your stories, don't just rely on autosave!

Mission Architect Tip: An Inspiration Vendor is located right next to the AE hospital.

Mission Architect Tip: An orange-shaded map or an orange map name indicates that the map does not support one or more of your objectives.

Mission Architect Tip: Be descriptive when defining what your story is about.  Other players may or may not like the same challenges you do,

Mission Architect Tip: Be sure to turn on Autosave so you don't lose your story.

Mission Architect Tip: Check out the 'Tips & Tricks' section from the Architect Instructor for helpful hints on using Architect.

Mission Architect Tip: Custom Characters and Groups are expensive in terms of file size  use them carefully on longer arcs or risk running out of space!

Mission Architect Tip: Custom Characters have difficulty settings allowing you to customize how difficult you want them to be.

Mission Architect Tip: Custom Critters take up a lot of space in your story file.  Use them sparingly!

Mission Architect Tip: Custom enemies can easily be more powerful than regular enemies.  Keep that in mind when creating and when playing stories.

Mission Architect Tip: Custom enemy groups aren't limited to custom enemies... click on the 'standard' tab while editing a custom to get access to standard NPCs!

Mission Architect Tip: Each "page" of a mission book (1,2) is a link to that section.

Mission Architect Tip: Have a friend or a member of your super group proof your story.  You are your own worst editor.

Missin Architect Tip: Heroes, Villains, and Praetorians can do Architect missions together in Pocket D.

Mission Architect Tip: If it wasn't already a Nemesis Plot, the Mission Architect can let you make it one.

Mission Architect Tip: If you want your friends costume on a custom character in Architect have them send you the costume file located in the City of Heroes costumes folder.

Mission Architect Tip: Maps will tell you how many bosses, allies and objects you can have in a mission.

Mission Architect Tip: Outdoor Maps do not have Front, Middle, or Back locations.  It's all considered the same area.

Mission Architect Tip: Players start out with only 3 slots to publish stories in, but a GM can grant additional slots upon request.

Mission Architect Tip: Republishing a mission retains your ratings.  Unpublishing a mission wipes your ratings out.

Mission Architect Tip: Right click in text fields - you may find some helpful shortcuts!

Mission Architect Tip: Save, save, save and Autosave.

Mission Architect Tip: Speak with the Architect Instructor for detailed walkthroughs of the Architect system.

Mission Architect Tip: Talk with an Architect Vendor to claim tickets you've earned from other players rating your stories.

Mission Architect Tip: The Arc ID is a unique ID code for your story that quickly allows others to find it and play it.

Mission Architect Tip: The Architect Entertainment buildings are located in numerous zones throughout the game.  Some buildings are more populated than others.  Find the one that's right for you.

Mission Architect Tip: The Team leader can invite players anytime during an Architect mission.

Mission Architect Tip: Watch the "Show Errors" box in the upper right.  If it's orange, click and it will tell you what's wrong - and even link you to the appropriate section to fix it.

Mission Architect Tip: When a player positively rates a story in Mission Architect, the autor of that story earns tickets.

Mission Architect Tip: When you create a story in Mission Architect, it's saved locally on your hard drive as a plain text file.

Mission Architect Tip: You can choose alternate models for standard NPC's by clicking on the left or right of the model in the Mission Detail Summary.

Mission Architect Tip: You can drag and drop missions in a story by clicking the mission book at the top of the window.

Mission Architect Tip: You can earn badges for testing your missions.

Mission Architect Tip: You can get your costume on a custom character in Architect by using the 'Load Self' button when creating a custom character.

Mission Architect Tip: You can put an author's name in the search field to see all the stories that author has created.

Mission Architect Tip: You can right-click within the text windows to add color or formatting to your text.

Mission Architect Tip: You can see any of the Information revealed in the tutorial or by Architect employees by clicking on 'menu,' 'help,' and then clicking on any of the 'Mission Architect' tab.

Mission Architect Tip: You can set up encounters to trigger at specific points off another encounter, like having a Boss call for help.

Mission Architect Tip: You can use the player's name, origin, archetype and more by using command like $name, $origin and $archetype in the text fields.

Mission Architect Tip: You have four placement options for entities in your map (Front, Middle, Back and Any).

Mission difficulty settings can be changed on the fly via the quick chat button in your chat window.

Most currencies can now be converted into Reward Merits, including Infl Check the Conversions tab at your local Merit Vendor today!

Ms. Liberty is the grand-daughter of Statesman.

Need help?  Type /h or /help to chat in the Help channel.

New to the game?  Press the H key to bring up the Help menu and mark yourself as 'Need Help'.

Nice costume!

Not all badges can be earned as a Rogue or Vigilante even if you perform the requisite task.  Completing a switch to Hero or Villain will award these badges if you met all other requirements.

Not everyone in the Praetorian Resistance can be considered a Hero.  Not everyone in the Praetorian Loyalists can be considered a Villain.  And vice versa.

Not everything is a Nemesis plot.

Not sure what contact to talk to next?  Click on your Contacts tab to bring up the Contact Finder button!

On some mission maps you will be sent to jail instead of the hospital if you are defeated and click 'Go to Hospital'.

Only the leader of a team (marked with a star) can set the active mission for a team.

Once you reach Level 50, you can continue to gather experience to achieve Veteran Levels for badges and other rewards.

Paragon City is in Rhode Island, in the United States.

ParagonWiki.com has great background info on the NPCs and enemy groups in the game.

Patron Power Pools are available to heroes or villains after reaching level 35 and choosing a Patron in the Arachnos elite.

Paying attention to your surroundings will net you an easter egg or two.

Peacebringers and Warshades can disabled the shapeshift popup tray by talking to Null the Gull in Pocket D.

Penelope Yin is one of the most powerful psychics in the world, and also the youngest member of the Freedom Phalanx.

People selling items on the Auction House/Black Market will sell them to the person who asks the most for the item.  Buyers can not see what a seller's minimum price is however!

Pocket D is an extradimensional dance club where heroes, villains, and even Praetorians can gather peacefully.

Positron was severely injured in the first Rikti war, losing control of his powers.  In order to keep the city safe, he had to seal himself inside of his power armor.

Power Pools are powers that any character can choose.  You can begin picking from these at level 4.

Power Pools are where you can choose your Travel power: Flight, Super Speed, Super Jump, or even Teleportation.

Praetorian Clockwork 'speak' in their own symbolic language.  Damaged or corrupted Clockwork have different dialects.

PVP and Trial Zones have a minimum level required to enter.

Read the patch notes!

Recently defeated?  Visit any Nurse or Combat Medic in any hospital (inside or out) to pick up a few small inspirations to get you back in the fray.

Recluse's Victory is a PvP zone where Heroes and Villains fight for the future of Paragon City.

Reinforcing your alignment as a Vigilante or Rogue will earn you Reward Merits

Sentinels can work together to stack a hefty resistance debuff on a single target.

Single Origin Enhancements are twice as effective as Dual Origin Enhancements.

Siren's Call is a PvP zone where Heores and Villains take out bounties on one another.

Sniper Powers require you to have Line of Sight to the target both at the start of the power and when it is fired.

Some Archetypes and power sets are more suited towards group play.

Some Day Job badge combinations will unlock Day Job Accolades which grant additional bonuses, rewards and powers!  After earning a Day Job badge examine your Accolades for clues about what to do next.

Some enemies will chase you through elevators.

Some Invention Enhancements belong to sets.  Slotting in multiple enhancements from the same set unlocks Set Bonuses that improve your character!

Some missions have a reward choice table at the end.  Make sure you read all the options carefully before deciding.

Some powers are situational and may work better for teams than soloing.

Some Praetorian Resistance members speak in their own pidgin language as a means of asserting their rebellious spirit.

Some say that Praetorian Earth is a twisted alternate dimension where people with super powers rule with an iron fist.

Some Vahzilok zombies are set to explode when you get too close.

Spawns within mission instances scale to the size of your team.  Want more enemies?  Form a bigger team!

Special origin enhancements are dropped by defeating certain high-level monsters in the game.  These enhancements may have multiple effects and are usually very valuable!

Spread the word!  City of Heroes is back!

Statesman and Lord Recluse were friends before they discovered the Well of the Furies together and gained their powers by drinking the waters there.

Synapse was given his powers in a cruel experiment run by the Crey corporation.

Tankers automatically taunt everyone in their immediate area when they execute most of their attacks.  Additionally, their first attack power inflicts Bruising, which reduces the target's damage resistance.

Task Forces and Strike Forces will now let you start with a team of any size.  You can even run them solo!

Task Forces are a series of missions that require a group to start.

Team Dual Inspirations provide the benefits of two different standard Inspirations to all Team members.

Team Inspirations provide the benefits of an Inspiration to all Team members.

The 5th Column was a fascist villain group that was overthrown by the Council.

The Circle of Thorns is a villain group based in Oranbega, a hidden city located beneath Paragon City.

The community organizes a wide range of events.  Read the forums to find out about them!

The Corruptors' ability of Scourge randomly does extra damage when a foe is below 50% health.

The different damage types are: Smashing, Lethal, Fire, Cold, Energy, Negative Energy, Psionic, and Toxic.

The Federal Bureau of Superpowered Affairs has five branches, one dealing with each of the modern Origins.

The flag flying above City Hall was fashioned from Statesman's own cape after the first Rikti War.

The hero Infernal hails from an alternate medieval dimension where demon-binding is common practice.

The level of your mission will show as a number next to it in the mission list.

The Malta Group consists of several like-minded organizations working together.

The Medical Teleporter is based on recovered Rikti technology, and will teleport you to safety if you are defeated.

The Ms. Liberty Task Force and Lord Recluse's Strike Force are two of the toughest challenges in the game.

The Rikti first invaded in 2002, only to be stopped by Hero 1 and the Omega Team.

The Rogue Isles got their name from their lax attitude towards criminals and their ilk.  It was originally a haven for pirates.

The Sky Raiders are pirates who use stolen military technology.

The Tsoo have a special connection with their long-dead ancestors.

There are stores throughout the city that sell specific Origin enhancements.  Loook for them on your map.

There are three Respec Trials you can run.  One each at levels 24, 34, and 44.  Completing each will earn your character a chance to re-pick what powers they have and in what order they received them.

To get rid of the invisible Pop Up Window, type /window_hide pophelp

To learn more about Day Jobs, visit a Day Job Recruiter in Atlas Park, Mercy Island, Port Oakes or Nova Praetoria.

'Toggle' powers can be turned on and left running, but will drain Endurance. If you run out of endurance these powers will be deactivated.  If you are stunned, held, or slept, then offensive 'toggle' powers will deactivate, while defensive 'toggle' powers will remain active, though their effects will be partially suppressed.

Tough fight?  Don't get caught without sufficient inspiration!  Visit a vendor before a tough battle and stock up.

Trainers not only help you advance your level, but can function as a tailor, too!

Vanguard is a U.N. group that employs both heroes and villains in protecting the Earth against alien threats.

Villains, want to spend some extra time making your costume perfect?  Visit Facemakers located in Mercy Isle, Cap au Diable and St. Martial.

Visit MassivelyOP for the latest MMO news!

Visit the forums often if you want to stay on top of things.

Visit the tailor or facemaker at level 20, 30, and 40 for a mission to open up another Costume Slot.

Want more information about the game?  Hit the H key to bring up the Help menu.

Warburg is a Free-For-All PvP zone where you try to launch a rocket to earn special attacks.

When combining Enhancements, you can combine two Enhancements already slotted into the same power.

When joining a group, you will automatically Sidekick, Lackey, Exemplar, or Malefactor to the Level of the group as appropriate.

When you Exemplar/Malefactor you fight at the team's combat level, losing access to powers you gained more than 5 levels after that level.

When you level up you become more powerful immediately, but to earn new powers or Enhancement slots you must visit a Trainer.

When you level up you gain full Health and Endurance, as well has having every Tier 3 inspiration cast on you.  If you are defeated when you gain a level you will even get an instant resurrection!

When you Sidekick/Lackey you fight at one level below the team's combat level, but with your powers and enhancements.


While on a Task/Strike Force you cannot buy inspirations from your Contacts, but you can buy them from other places, like the arena or the markets.

You have 1000 character slots.  Happy alting!

You can /requestmissionexit to leave a finished mission.

You can change the colors of your character's word balloons under Options->Graphics and Audio->Chat Bubble Color.

You can have up to seven open missions at once.

You can invert your mouse under Options->Controls.

You can only have four different Power Pools on your character, in addition to an Ancillary or Patron Power Pool.

You can set up a Buy Order on the Auction House/Black Market if no one is selling what you want at the moment.

You can slot Enhancements that are up to 3 (three) levels higher than your Combat level.

You can slot multiple Enhancements with the same effect into a power, but eventually the bonus that they add drops off.

You can turn three of any type of basic Inspiration into any other type of basic Inspiration by right clicking on any you have three of.

You can use /altinvite to invite your own characters to your Super Group.

You can use a Break Free inspiration even when you are Held, Slept, Feared, or Stunned.  Carry a few spares if you can!

You have 1000 character slots.  Happy alting!

Your global chat handle can be used by other players to communicate with you no matter what character you are playing.

Your Invention Recipe and Salvage inventory sizes grow as you gain levels.

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@Super Whatsit

Superbase passcode (Excelsior) is "passcode-6475"


It's all a Nemesis plot.  But not everything is a Nemesis plot!

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Nice work! I've noticed that the usefulness of the tip seems to be directly proportional to the speed at which the zone loads. I think I stumbled across a bin file containing these tips at one point, so it might be possible to extract them all in one go.

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