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Changes to Dark Miasma


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I admit that I have been slow to react but the changes to Tar Patch caught me by surprise:


What does everyone think?


23 hours ago, The Curator said:

Dark Miasma

  • The following powers were using Defender modifiers, they have been fixed to use their own AT modifiers
    • Controller > Darkness Affinity > Twilight Grasp
    • Controller > Darkness Affinity > Tar Patch
    • Corruptor > Dark Miasma > Twilight Grasp
    • Corruptor > Dark Miasma > Tar Patch
    • Mastermind  > Dark Miasma > Twilight Grasp
    • Mastermind  > Dark Miasma > Tar Patch
    • Pets > Dark Servant > Twilight Grasp
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14 hours ago, StrikerFox said:

Loaded up /DM MM and checked out the new Twilight Grasp/Tar Patch stats. Info in red are the numbers Mids' shows, pre-nerf. Even with the heal dropping down to less than half, DM will probably still be a top secondary.



189 is the new base healing of Twilight Grasp at 50 and you are comparing it to ~420 which was the fully enhanced value pre-change (base pre-change was around 210). With enhancements, my Twilight Grasp is showing 373 post-change. It was reduced by around 10% base not half.

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