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Arm Cannons


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I'm sure EVERY Blasty set has some who would love some kind of forearm wear where the blasts actually come out of your forearms, kinda like the PPD Hard Suit and Shells.


In particular, I'd also like to have something like this as an option for Beam Rifle or Assault Rifle.

I recognize that might feel a little "hey your blast set includes the word 'Rifle', how can you not have a rifle?", but I could totally see a tech-suited (or magic suited, or whatever) character where the beam generator is not a separate piece of hardware, but part of the suit ITSELF.


a) I recognize this is a lot of animation work.

b) I recognize this is probably not going to make the top 10 priority list anytime soon.


But I'd still like it to put it into the Giant Pile of Requests.  🙂

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I like the idea, but... I imagine it would be easier to do this on blast sets without drawn weapons.  Basically, I think it might be pretty complicated to replace the existing weapon sets (AR/BR) with new animations/models.  I think it might be far easier to to adjust the non-weapon blasts (Energy/Fire/Dark) to originate from a slightly shifted point on the hand of the existing models/animations.  But I don't really know: I'm not a 3D modeler or animator.  Just food for thought.


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Energy/Energy Blaster (50+3) on Everlasting

Energy/Temporal Blaster (50+3) on Excelsior

Energy/Willpower Sentinel (50+3) on Indomitable

Energy/Energy Sentinel (50+1) on Torchbearer

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Aren't cannons kind of... already armed?


Also, what good are arm cannons without headcan(n)on?





Primarily on Everlasting. Squid afficionado. Former creator of Copypastas. General smartalec.


I tried to combine Circle and DE, but all I got were garden variety evil mages.

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