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Supergroup Base Door

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I know, it sounds stupid, right? 


The idea is that the supergroup allocates a door on a city map to be the one that the base is inside. That's all.


Now, I'm sure that people will say they're happy with the portal and that "being magicked to some Pocket 'D'imension" is all part of the game, but I like the idea that the base exists inside a building - hey.... Shining Stars got a building.  Oh that's another idea entirely isn't it? To use ... an existing map ... THAT'S NOT THIS SUGGESTION!


This suggestion is about a door. 


So, I was thinking that lots of people will want the same door, and lots of other people will want THE MOST EFFICIENT DOOR FOR FARMING or whatever they do a lot of. It's farming. My suggestion regarding this is... "let them", I mean, we've got all kinds of stuff in the game that doesn't work like it was originally intended and ends up making lives easier at the expense of immersion and roleplay. I think it's fine that a few bases exist in one building.


... and yes I know a lot of people have made outside base maps by jumping out into the skybox or whatever that is. That's cool too, they don't HAVE to pick a door. I just think it'd be neat.


Will it clash with mission doors or trick-or-treat doors? Maybe. Fixing that is above my paygrade /jumps out of window.

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17 minutes ago, TheZag said:

And that is why we are having additional security checks right now.



I felt sorry for the poster when I reported it.  It was obviously a zombie.  Hope he/she figures it out and runs a scan.

Get busy living... or get busy dying.  That's goddamn right.

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