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Lethal Lottery Tournament! With Prizes! Sunday, June 2nd at 6PM EST!

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Some of you may remember the PvPEC hosting these casual events called Lethal Lotteries. Some of you don't.


This event will take place on the Indomitable server, but is obviously open to players from any server. The event will take place on Sunday, June 2nd at 6PM EST. Players of all experience levels, including zero, should feel more than welcome to come out and play.


The pros of this format are:


1. It's not too serious.

2. You get to meet and play with new people.

3. You don't need a team to sign up.

4. If teams are unbalanced, you're not stuck on that team for the whole night.

5. Ey baby there's gonna be prizes



It's pretty simple. You sign up on one character, and then you play a series of 5 2v2 matches, each match with a different random partner. The eight players with the best win/loss record after 5 matches will then be randomly paired up and play each other in a single elimination mini-bracket until one team triumphs over the other three.



Everyone who shows up and plays will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win 200 reward merits.


100 reward merits for each of the eight finalists.

300 reward merits for each player on the second place team

500 reward merits for each player on the winning team


Note: you cannot win the raffle if you win first or second place. Gotta share that love, baby.



-10 minutes

-Small inspirations only

-Travel suppression off

-Heal decay off

-Map will be announced before the start of each round, and determined by me using a randomizer, lol.



-Minimum character level of 47

-Alpha incarnate slot only. All other incarnates will be disallowed, and discovery of any usage will result in a forfeit (I don't have enough people to moderate every game, so this is mostly up to honor system).

-no "barcode" names. For those not aware, this means you can't rename your character to have a name that looks near identical to your teammate's with the intent of making it impossible for your opponent to distinguish you from one another during the game. Determining if names violate this rule will be at the event organizer's (me) discretion. Don't overthink it - if you aren't intentionally trying to cheese you have nothing to worry about.

-"Sudden Death" round does not count. If the scores are even at the end of ten minutes, ties will be resolved via ski race.


If there are an odd number of people during the preliminary round, the odd man out/odd team out will get a bye that round, which will count as a win. If there are three people and all we need is a fourth to start a match, the odd man out will have me as their partner.


Use this thread to sign up. Please post your global handle, and the AT/build of the character you are bringing. You can change your character choice at any time until registration closes on the day of the event.




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@shogun alpha          Bio Toxin        Rad/plant blaster    ORRRRR    Bio Wrath Psi/Pain Corruptor                                                                                                                                           

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I work overnight that day but I might be able to make it if it doesn't run TOO long. I'll throw in my name.



Tauntbot Mk. III BS/Energy Scrapper

or something else if it's ready by then.

"If you can read this, I've failed as a developer." -- Caretaker


Proc information and chance calculator spreadsheet (last updated 15APR24)

Player numbers graph (updated every 15 minutes) Graph readme

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