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Have the Hostage NPCs hum/scream/yell like a glowie would


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8 hours ago, Greycat said:

The way the comment reads rather implies a judgement on the players, which is why I found it rather irksome. If that was not the intent, I apologize.


And as I mentioned earlier, this does not end exploring. Hell, I tend to go after nooks and crannies. As I said, it's an already existing mechanic.


So, let's look at early missions.  The Hollows.

Last Wincott missions: get artifacts, get weapons from Outcasts. One has three glowies, one has five or six. You search, you get close, you hear them, fight whatever's close, click, done.


Followed shortly by Flux. Second, third mission? Rescue officers from Trolls. Find 5 officers. Fight what's around them, done. (No escort, etc.)  Free them, done. Pain to find sometimes, makes no noise.


Explain to me, please. What's the difference between the two that's making one acceptable and one a threat for "significant impact?"

Just the desire to argue over the internet. It's a common thing to have this part of the forums with several knights in shining armor ready to defend the helpless suffering game from the big mean players who want to bully it. With, say, NPCs saying something when we get close, or asking for a P2W option to refuse salvage.


In both cases some players will rear up with their staves and shout thou salt not pass!!



And in both cases a variation of the mechanic already exists. If we are hunting a boss that needs to be arrested it will speak when we get close to it. AVs in missions, named bosses, etc, we get close and they spout a text blurb. In the case of refusing salvage the P2W already has that option but for recipes instead of salvage.


In both cases players come to the rescue saying how this would dilute the experience.



I'll tell you what experience would be diluted. It was me doing Moonfire with a team and suddenly getting -hit- by how before Ouro portals and base macros we were expected to be in Striga. Fly to the boat. Loading screen into Talos. Fly to the tram. Loading screen into Skyway. Fly to the NPC. FedEx a message to it. Fly back to the tram. Loading screen into Talos. Fly to the ship. Loading screen into Striga. Fly to mission.


Don't get me started on Citadel's IP/Talos Ping-pong or Numina's lets-go-chase-grey-mobs-for-ten-missions-all-over-the-world.

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11 hours ago, Razor Cure said:

That hardly helps you find a ninja hostage on a huge map. Just having the name is little use at all, unless you also happen to know how to create a macro to search for him, and even then, it reduces you to running about spamming the 'find person' button.

Everyone, including you, if you read this thread, you either know how, or know where to look to discover how to make the macro. I posted how, in one of my previous replies in this thread. That's based on the assumption you read it, of course. 

As for running about spamming the "find person" button - that may not seem heroic, but it will get the job done. Crude, yet effective, if not efficient. 

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