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Install City of Heroes: Homecoming on Mac Catalina


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Install City of Heroes: Homecoming on Mac Catalina

(August 8th, 2020)


  1. Open a Terminal Window
    1. Applications->Utilities->Terminal
  2. Install Homebrew (a utility that installs other utilities)
    1. /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install.sh)"
  3. Install xquartz (some video thing)
    1. brew cask install xquartz


  4. Install wine (a Windows emulator)
    1. brew cask install wine-stable


  5. Download "Island Rum" (this is an application that downloads the City of Heroes app)
    1. http://telstar.eekstudio.com/islandrum-mac.zip
  6. Unzip islandrum-mac.zip
  7. Copy "Island Rum.app" to Applications
  8. Run "Island Rum"
    1. It probably won't work.  If it doesn't, click
    2. Settings->Security->General->Open Anyway
    3. That should launch it
  9. It will hopefully say "Client not detected.  Install or cancel?"
  10. Go with "install"
  11. Wait a good long while.
    1. It will download the game to "/Applications/CoH"
  12. Try the "Play" button
  13. If it works, you're done, have fun.
  14. It probably won't work.
  15. Shut down Island Rum
  16. Back to the terminal
  17. cd /Applications/CoH


  18. wine64 "/Applications/coh/hc-bin64/cityofheroes.exe" -patchversion 20200628_1602 -auth -patchdir homecoming


  19. Some Windows popup will notify you about wine configuration being updated

  20. It will ask to download some "Mono" thing.  Let it.

  21. It will ask to download some "Gecko" thing.  Let it.

  22. If you got this far, it should load up City of Heroes! 

  23. Oops, we forgot to make accounts.

  24. Visit https://forums.homecomingservers.com/register/ and make a forum account

  25. Then make a game account here: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/gameaccount/

  26. Ok, now log in to the game (with the game account, not the forum account) and start "arresting" the bad guys!  (Don't be a villain, you're better than that)



If the line for the launcher isn't working, there's a launch script in /Applications/CoH called islandrum.sh.  The last line should have the right launch command if you remove the "/bin/sh -c" and quotes.


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An odd error I received after I removed /Applications/coh to test your steps is that Island Rum could not write to the folder 


I recreated the folder and set the permissions to 700 


Everything works and is pretty smooth thank you for the update to the installer directions 


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