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Question about bind codes

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Hopefully, this Is the right forum for this bind tech question.


I understand that binding two powers to one key (unless they are mutually exclusive like fly/hover) doesn't work. The game processes the first command, but cancels it to execute the second.


I noticed that the inspiration combo binds use this to combine insps in order.  So if the last command to combine fails for lack of appropriate insps, it falls back to the second to last.


Question: does the same "backtrack" logic work if the last command fails to execute because the power is on cool down?  I'm thinking about binding Aim or Build up to some movement or power keys so I can always fire it off when available.  Wouldn't something like


/bind P "powexec_name Brawl$$powexec_name buildup" 


Do this?  I.e., pressing P fires off build up, if build up is on cool down, will P "backtrack" to execute Brawl?



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Double or even triple-queing powers in CoH is possible, but it is not very intuitive and only works with certain power combos. Also, in my experience, it requires using powexecauto and powexectoggleon in addition to powexecname to work. Here's an example I've used in the past:


/macro 3-In-1 "powexecauto Siphon Life$$powexectoggleon Smite$$powexectoggleon Shadow Punch$$powexecauto Shadow Maul$$follow$$targetcustomnear enemy alive"


Description: The targeting and following commands at the beginning of the macro are optional but helpful for melee builds. This macro, if timed correctly, can fire off all 3 attacks with one button. Including "powexecauto Siphon Life" at the end of the macro seems to prevent the first power, in this case "Shadow Maul", which is set to auto, from toggling between auto-ON and auto-OFF. The Siphon Life power is never actually used.


Note: This setup will trigger all three powers if you time the button presses correctly and have ample targets. The first button press will most likely trigger the auto-power. The second button press will trigger "Shadow Punch" and the third button press will trigger "Smite" if AND ONLY if the button is pressed right as the 2nd power is being triggered. It's buggy as hell but it serves as a proof of concept that a single-line macro can fire off multiple commands.

Sprint doesn't work for this example
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I'll just point this out:



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