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keyboard issue


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Hi folks, I recently replaced my keyboard and ran into a minor issue. I can't turn left while gaining altitude with either flying or super jump. This has happend before with other systems and I was wondering if you could tell me how to change it without just buying a bunch of different keyboards and switching them out until I find one that works the way I like. i.e. being able to go up or down while going left/right/forward/or backward. TIA

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You can test it on a website (Use Test 1, the rest are broken.)  http://gadzikowski.com/nkeyrollover.html

MOST keyboards on USB that are commercially available have a maximum of 6 keys registered at any one time (which is why most keypress chords are kept to three keys maximum in apps), but it depends on which keys are depressed according to the keyboard's design.  SOME do worse.  Unfortunately, keyboards widely vary in how they implement this.  It's possible to buy a keyboard that's too cheap that is strictly three keys and no further.  This is a lot of 101-Key models that are in the cheapest end of the $20 and less category.  Some keyboards cost $50 or more and have this problem.


Keyboards made for gaming (which you don't necessarily need to go out and spend $150-300 on) often use a composite USB Device that's registered as a hub holding two USB "devices" internally on one dongle/receiver to get around the HID limitations and allow for more than 6-Key rollover in the specs.


Instead of buying a bunch and holding onto receipts, I'd ask my friends if I were you.  Especially those who game.  See what works for them and what model they have, and start there.  Speaking for myself, I've used recent Logitech keyboards and haven't ran into issues.  They run right up to the 6-Key Rollover limit of USB, but I rarely notice if it is ghosting out during gameplay.

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Only because they weren't mentioned...

  • We've all assumed you mean a physical/external keyboard and not something built into a laptop
  • Try unplugging it, turn it upside-down and see if you can't manage to knock some lint/dirt/etc out of it
  • A rare issue,  but you can also try reinstalling the keyboard drivers. Not likely an issue, but it's a test.

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On 9/2/2020 at 9:00 PM, GM Tahquitz said:

It's possible to buy a keyboard that's too cheap that is strictly three keys and no further.

I found this to be the case when my Wireless Keyboard pushed up Daisies and I hooked up the keyboard that came with the PC, Same issue with Fly and Superjump.


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