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Which to choose?


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Claws/WP will give you the best leveling experience due to Claws low end cost and WP's quick recovery. But end game? That Kat/Dark can be made into a major beast but it will probably be a rough-ish ride leveling up.

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Electric Armor - Nice spread of resist types, passive recharge power, heal/regen/Endurance discount in a single single power, Endurance drain power.  Knockback weakness can be overcome with IO.


Energy Aura- Typed def, can slot quite a few LoTG, stealth power so no damage aura like Electric, heal/regen/Endurance discount single in a single power,  endurance drain power.


Depends if you want Def or resist, electric edges out slightly as it can get some smashing/lethal def which can cover most split damage types and anythingthat fails a to hit check gets reducedby resist.  Both get about the same passive rechage,  electric gets pass 20% + 2 LoTG = 35% with def powers taken from power pool (CJ, Weave) and energy can slot 5 LoTG easily for 37.5%

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On 9/21/2020 at 6:10 PM, ceto555 said:

Hi folks,


Looking to create a Brute to solo door missions and solo whatever I can at 50 and maybe do so kind of raiding at end game. I've narrowed it down to claws/wp, kat/dark, and km/ea. Which of the three will give me the easiest time?



@ceto555 given your post count and question, if it's suitable for you, I suggest you pick one that fits your budget.


Also, when you say /EA do you mean /Energy Aura or /Electric Armor?  /Energy Aura is usually written as /EnA and /Electric Armor is usually written as /Electric Armor.


To answer your question:


/WP needs $

/WP is the cheapest to make viable at level 50+4 door missions.  50+4 missions will require you to hit 45% defense, which is easily attainable on /WP.  However, when your raid, you will need to focus more on resists than defense.  Defense prevents enemies from hitting you while Resist makes you take less damage when you get hit.  /WP, compared to /Dark Amor and /Electric Armor is rather low on resists.  This means that there will be times during raiding where you eat A LOT of damage (usually done when you eat the Alpha Strike when engaging enemy groups/bosses/Archvillains).  


/Dark Armour needs $$$$

/Dark Armor has very innate low defense, medium-high resists, and the best self-heal in the game.  However, to maximize /Dark Armour you need A LOT of money.  Actually, for the Brute class, /Dark Armour is probably the most expensive armor set to slot because it requires all the best top tier enhancement sets and an extremely well-planned build to truly off-set the endurance costs, reach the 45% soft cap for 50+4 missions, and due to the innately-lower-than-optimal energy resistance, reach medium-high resists for all damage types including Electric Damage, Psychic Damage, and Toxic Damage. Due to the self-heal in dark armor, you can essentially heal to full-life on your own every 10-15 seconds during boss fights.  This is potentially game changing/raid saving if you know what/how/when you're doing.


/Electric Armor needs $$$

/Electric Armor has no defense at all, high resists, and a low self-heal.   To reach 45% soft cap defenses for 50+4 missions requires a very well-planned build and the best enhancements in the game to maximize the build.  In terms of raiding, since most end-game raids archvillains and mobs do Energy damage, /Electric Armor easily reaches 90% electric damage resistance, making it a very end-game armor set for Brutes looking to maintank bosses.



If budget is an issue, choose /WP

If you want easy-to-use, choose /WP (no active heals)


All three choices allow you to tank 50+4 missions easily, but /WP doesn't need money to reach 45% softcap while /Dark Armor and /Electric Armor do need money to reach 45% softcap.


If you want end-game, have end-game experience and want a swiss army toolset, and you have $$$$, choose /Dark Armour

If you want end-game, have limited end-game experience and want an easier time passively tanking damage with only 1 button (self heal), and you have $$$, choose /Electric Armor


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