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14 hours ago, Vanden said:

I could see one of those things happening at most. */Ice is by far the safest Blaster secondary available, so it’s not going to get a bunch of extra high-damage attacks on top of that.

Correct. Even though I personally do not feel that Blasters need a "safe" secondary in today's game. When the game was actually difficult, sure...but today? Nah, I just don't think a safe secondary is justified with the power creep we have these days.. I would like to see a complete re-haul of the Ice Secondary if it were up to me.

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Bumping because while the Ice Stomp power got some damage in the PTR I feel that once given an inch, an attempt for a mile is guaranteed.


Blaster Shiver is a shorter range and smaller diameter and self balancing if damage is added to it also available at a lower level as a bonus for those of us who spend lots of time sub 30

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