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Echo: Galaxy City and Echo: Dark Astoria


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When the upcoming Issue 27 arrives we may be losing base portal access to Echo: Galaxy City and Echo: Dark Astoria. They will still be available through Ouroborous for badging but we will lose a convenient method of getting the Ouro accolade itself. Unless we spam chat for people to drop portals for us we will have to wait until we complete certain missions (level 15-19 villains/level 20-24 heroes).


The devs plan to lower the requirements for entry to Ouro so why not write up low level arcs to send us back in time?


i haven't thought about redside missions much but here are some for heroes:


Echo: Galaxy City


A contact wants to know what is causing the psychic disturbances in Perez Park and sends the player on a mission to read history plaques about Ishmael of the Lost. Since some of the plaques are in Galaxy City the player is sent to the destroyed zone (map is used in an arc from Twinshot). From there the player ends up in a time warp and has an adventure in Echo: Galaxy City (instanced map) and earns "Entrusted With A Secret."


Echo: Dark Astoria


Once the character is a member of the Midnight Squad he/she is contacted by a fellow member who is researching ways of restoring Astoria. The player is sent into Echo: Dark Astoria and has many adventures. This could be a 20-30 level arc.

Another way to do this is as a level 50 task force set up by the Midnight Squad. Incarnates wish to prevent the return of Mot and travel back to level 20-30 Astoria to dig up info on Mot, Hazen and even Spanky Rabinowitz.


I always thought that old Dark Astoria deserved some attention with a series of arcs like Faultline and a Meg Mason type to offer repeatable content. The new Astoria has that but Echo: Dark Astoria could still be a source of story content.

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I think this is a really cool idea.


Certainly would love to hear more thoughts about how a 1-10 range time travel arc could shape up.


Edit: Two birds, one stone thought:


I've heard people understandably feeling uncomfortable about the new Mercy takeover arc, specifically the last contact (Harris I think his name was.) I wonder if an alternative strategy of going back in time to when Longbow took over Fort Darwin and preventing their takeover before it ever happened would work.

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These are great ideas to actually integrate these "free resources" just sitting around otherwise going unused.


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Excellent!  I posted a vaguely similar thought a while back:


"I think if you want to do something with Echo Galaxy City then Ouro is the answer IMO. Make it an actual level capped "Time Travel Zone" wherein there are missions attempting to warn the residents of the impending meteor strike.  Of course they fail, but what else is discovered along the way? Link it to BAB in present Atlas even, making him a contact as opposed to a trainer because frankly no one really trains with him.  Every now and then I suppose but mostly not.  "Hey, $name, don't I know you from somewhere? Did we meet in Galaxy City?"


But your idea has far more focus and makes more sense regarding a Lore reason to get Ouro powers,  Furthermore, yes Echo DA needs more love.  Personally I prefer it to the current version.  "Silent Hill" DA was MY DA 🙂

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20 hours ago, gromartwo said:

When the upcoming Issue 27 arrives we may be losing base portal access to Echo: Galaxy City and Echo: Dark Astoria.

But unless they disable base rezzing (the 'go to hospital/go to base' option when defeated) in those zones, your base teleport system reaches across time to retrieve you (and send you back after rezzing), which makes the "these beacons send you across time or dimensions, so they had to be removed" argument for their disappearance seem a little contrived, we wind up with gross inconsistencies with the various ways to reach your base. Disabling 'rez in your base' -- and, logically, the various base teleport powers -- in Cimerora, the Echo zones, the Shadow Shard, and any mission through Portal Corp or Ouroboros to make the claim about the base beacons consistent would likely raise a storm of protest.

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