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Petition to reinstate root-cancelling on Nullifier


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Sign below by saying /signed or something similar to petition for nullifier to root-cancel again, as it used to before the latest patch.


Note for PvE players: Nullifier is a PvP only power which is based on the Crey Pistol, signing this petition is unlikely to to result in the root-cancel of any other powers being reinstated. You may wish to sign anyway in order to set a precedent for doing so, should that be in your interest.


Current Signature Total: 35


01. Alouu

02. EWreck3
03. pallhead
04. soulman5000
05. RavenFrost
06. Waypoint
07. bandofhorses
08. El Cubano
09. Ms Deadly
10. Tempty
11. wombicus
12. Madvillain
13. Whoogiewatsit
14. Mallex
15. @z.
16. Numinom
17. ColdAimz
18. Hot Dogger
19. Condro
20. Larry Lobster
21. EthicalInquiry
22. Silent Method2
23. macskull
24. light-
25. Sessa
26. rtalamo
27. BlackHearted
28. Neuronia
29. RoninTru

30. Blue Jay

31. CR Mochi

32. Bless1

33. agentQ

34. Remedies

15. America's Angel


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With the rooting of most animating attacks , in zone PvP, its nearly impossible to chase down an individual who is jaunting across the map.
it gave zone PvP a much faster pace feel which makes this game stand apart then any other mmo 

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The weapon redraw macro, which has been popularly used for over a year in our community, resulted in making PvP faster and creating a much better balance between ATs and roles. Once discovered, the major teams (6 teams of 8+ people each) had an official vote which legalized it's use in the Arena.


Given the macro made the user lose their current target, full damage characters benefited the least as they had difficulty re-tabbing onto their target, while buff/debuffers/healers benefited the most, and this was seen as overwhelming favourable in a meta that is still dominated by full damage characters.


The reason so many are signing this petition is because they realize we'll end up with a much slower and imbalanced version of PvP if no alterative is implemented.


The slowing down of the game, and those supporting it, is not too unlike the situation/discussions around PvP Travel Suppression when it was first introduced. Thankfully the community spoke out, and we were given an opt-out choice in the arena, which eventually became zone-wide standard.

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Hello Developers,


While there are many players who ABUSED animation canceling, not all of us AGREE.


Some of us, who have always chosen to play the game the way it was intended, LOVE the changes.


Animations are APART of the GAME. 

Please KEEP THE CHANGES! End animation canceling once and for all!


thank you. /no sign

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10 minutes ago, BANGBANGDOOF said:

I will NOT sign this. Please keep our animations!



It’s like they are PROTESTING FOR WAYS TO CHEAT !!


Animations are APART of the GAME. 

give it up.

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Do you guys not understand how ridiculous this petition is?


Animation canceling was not an intended game design.. if that was the case, why not advocate for removing animations altogether? Why bother canceling them?


Can a @Moderator please just remove this thread?

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