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  1. For a quick glance, this looks more for PVE than PVP. Doesn't look like you used any PVP IOs which are a big deal. Plus your attacks aren't slotted with procs which will deal a lot of your damage. I know my info isn't helpful without a build to supply, but I don't have mids on a work computer. I'd check out the PVP discord for some help.
  2. I rarely see the devs comment on bugs like this. Posted something about Frigid Shield and Focused Accuracy on Sentinels being bugged (toggled off during mez) without a word from the devs. Same with a Martial Assault bug months ago. No word, but that one was fixed. So, good luck.
  3. Hey, it's been about a year since this post happened... any progress? Thanks, love pvping!
  4. if they remove PFF i am never doing hero side accolades again!!!!!!!!!
  5. The Good Boys (on Thin Ice) are currently looking to fill out our roster. Nothing specific needed, just consistency. We are all flexible enough to fill whatever role we need, so we hope you can be the same 🙂
  6. Thank you for this honorable mention.
  7. Hey, are you the same Killawar from Virtue? Glad to see you're back man!
  8. That is fair. Would it be more reasonable/feasible to just make a "max boost" booster (+5), then? I don't code/develop, so I'm not sure what level of work it would need to be.
  9. I only do it to showcase bugs I find 🙂 If that is a problem, I can stop doing it.
  10. With this patch, will there be possible progress on doing this for +5ing enhancements with boosters? It's currently a slog to +5 an IO.
  11. Correct. Neither of these are damage toggles or something that affects an enemy in any way.
  12. Next patch: converting an IO goes up from 1-3 converters to 100-300 per IO because of market imbalance.
  13. Shock is on the right path, but it is still missing something to make it the set a contender with other sets. Time/Radiation/Kinetics would still outperform this. Rejuvenating Circuit could still use a mechanic where the heal is stronger with more static. Galvanic Sentinel is still in a bad spot compared to other support pets. Additional attacks, resistances, (and/or lower recharge) would benefit it greatly. Energizing Circuit could still use an additional buff because it feels very bland. Faraday Cage is still good. Empower Circuit could use either longer duration on the +damage or bring back the +special (since it's still listed in the power description despite being gone for 2 updates now) Defibrillate is still fine, I guess. It'd be nice if this was like Howling Twilight (target enemies as well as downed allies with a nice debuff). Insulating Circuit is still good. Amp Up could still use a buff to make it more inline with Adrenalin Boost/Painbringer.
  14. Will we be able to make builds with this, too, similar to mids/pines? Or is this strictly uploading?
  15. Just did some testing. Shock should have a -res or -def component similar to Corrosive Enzymes. Current iteration doesn't do anything spectacular, especially since -recovery doesn't do much in PvE (you have to use it 3 times to completely drain an even con enemy). In PvP, it won't do anything crazy, either. Rejuvenating Circuit could use a stronger heal value. I believe it's a little stronger than O2 Boost, but at least O2 boost provides additional mez buffs. If anything, more charges of +Static should make the heal value increase. Galvanic Sentinel is bad. Compared to Dark Servant, Singularity, or even Voltaic Sentinel, it's low tier. Galvanic Sentinel has one power (that it rarely uses), the pathing was very odd (it walked on the ground instead of flying over to me 200 yds away), it has 0 resistances, and it has a really low duration. If it had a few more powers to use, some resistances, and a longer duration, it would be in a great spot. Energizing Circuit needs something else. Whether that's +movement or +recharge. It just feels kind of lame, especially since it is only granting 25 endurance. Faraday Cage is nice. Empowering Circuit needs a longer +damage duration, in addition to maybe +acc or +to hit. Say it's making your ability to track targets better or something. Defibrillate is alright. I personally think the animation is a little long, but I never really take rez abilities on my builds. Would be cool if you could use it on enemies similar to Howling Twilight. Insulating Circuit is nice. Amp Up is weird. Painbringer and Adrenalin Boost are a lot stronger, and it would've been great if this was more in line with them. I could be mis-remembering, but I don't think even with 5 stacks it comes close to the +recharge of Painbringer or Adrenalin Boost. Overall, I think I would rather have a Pain Domination support toon over Electric Affinity just because of the T9 and the ability to actually debuff. Kinetics would also be a stronger pick just because of everything else it grants. The set looks really fun, and feels really fun, but I believe there are still some improvements to be made! Great work so far, can't wait to see the final iteration.
  16. It would be very radical for -recovery or 0% endurance to mean something in PvE. I know a few have mentioned it, but that's the one hang up to me with elec sets. No endurance should have a -dmg or -def component since you're sapped of all your energy.
  17. Interesting. I'll have to find it. It just never seems like even kinetics manages to keep the mob from still attacking.
  18. Out of curiosity, will there be any changes to -recovery/no endurance on the AI? It generally doesn't seem like 0 endurance affects them at all. It's my one hang up to the set. It definitely feels niche, but it seems like kinetics will do a better job (minus the +special).
  19. Is there a reason the brute dark melee wasn't given the mini-nuke? Maybe I missed it. Love the addition of a new support set. Not huge on the name, but whatever.
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