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Winter forest inaccessible

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As the title says. There appears to be no way to access the new and improved Winter Forest map (or the old one, for that matter). While it's removal from the Long Range Teleporter and TUNNEL lists after the end of the Winter event was expected, it has also been removed from Null's list of transport options, and as far as I know there is no physical way to access it. 

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It is still accessible via Pocket D. See the post below, which will show you where the entrance is in Pocket D.



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20 hours ago, AboveTheChemist said:

It is still accessible via Pocket D.

For the people who don't want to read the other thread, here's a visual guide:



You go up the walkway toward the chalet, which takes you to the lower level, as pictured above. When you get there, go right around the central pillar, but go past the ramp on the right. Just after the ramp is a walkway to your right that ends at a rock with a concealed doorway (the rock is visible behind the rightmost tree in the foreground); click on the doorway, and you'll be taken to the Winter Forest map. All of the NPCs that were there during the Winter Event are gone, but the TUNNEL portal, supergroup portal, and crafting tables are still there.

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Doesn't Null the Gull also offer a transport option? (I had to ask about this a month ago, when a teammate and I were trying to find that little map.)


Wasn't the Winter Forest originally the 11-months-of-the-year substitute for the big winter/ski chalet map? So that toons could play in the snow?

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He used to, but since the last Winter Event when they revamped the zone, it has vanished from Null's list. And despite having a TUNNEL entrance, it does not appear to have a TUNNEL exit. 

Which isn't how tunnels work.

But it's mostly the Null option that I care about, since that is the one that seems to have vanished by mistake. 

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