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PvP groups with interest in team arena matches


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Post here if you have a group that can field 8 players and that are interested in team arena matches. This isn't anything official just trying to get an idea if there's any groups out there that have the numbers and interest in doing arena.



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I think there's like 2 people from dUmb so maybe we will be able to field 1/4 of a storm team.


*Picks up the bat phone*


Did someone say fielding the storm team again?!

UJL // Pirate Hookers // CrueL // A.S.S. // T.I.T.S. // dUmb // FAP // BoP // Laser City Jesus Eyes TPVPL // Renegades et al.


CoH Youtube

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Past week I've been trying to find enough to field 8, I only have a handful atm, but actively still searching. Someone should start a free agent thread lmao srsly.



If any1 is reading this and is interested in 8v8 team arena whether u are a returning player from prei13 or posti13 or completely new and do NOT have a team yet, if interested message and/or add me at any of the global's listed below and we will talk.


@Teh Artic

@Teh Artic 2

@Teh Artic 3


As a reference listed below is some of the only vids left that I could find that some of my members had recorded from past official matches and practices and uploaded to Youtube that are still there.





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