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Want to make an av/gm solo killer. But...


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Anything But an ill/rad troll.. have one.. build a crazy costly build.. did a gm did an av.. just not my kind of fun.. ill/ is the major factor why. Dont get me wrong it's a good set and if you like it power to you.


After I strip the ill/rad I'll easily be sitting on 1.5bil plus a stack of "keep for all builds" IO's I can transfer as needed. I love the costume on the ill/rad and his concept and back story was done by my step daughter so just going to make him into a cheaper build made for 1x4-8 runs of normal contact. when she wants to see it played and use the resources for a new av killer. 


I'll admit I love of rad works and do enjoy it.  Open to anything. Hear good things about cold and dark(all meaning /rad /dark /cold from troll or corrupter)


I have a good rad/fire brute for farming when I have the time(newly married. Step daughters both just moved in full time. Plus one on the way. Free time is limited. Only reason why I will stripe a toon over re-farming. Just want a toon I can jump on pwn a gm when I have 30 mins or few days I'm lucky to have extra time hunt stuff that takes a few mission's to get to.)


As much as it may take me a while I do plan on group/solo standard leveling. I'll just have my brute afk farming while I put in the work. (Except maybe lvl 47-50+1 the itch to make the build make take over.)


There almost no class I won't build. Not big on the legacy redside or blue side classes. I think it's the massive amount of skills and that they have is just to much of a wall for me at my current understanding of the game.



One factor to take into account is I have a bad rubber banding problem during busy times on the server. So super dependent on timing combos I may have problems with at those times.(but that's what a group/regular content 2nd build is for)




Ty for any input you might be able to give. P.s not looking to break any records.

P.s costume and name for him is already reserved(his look is black/white and goldish-orange and named "pure gold") lol so bonus round if it's a power combo that can be colour matched to fit.



Ty agian while I wait and way in with the one or one's that catch my eye.


I'll keep afk farming with my rad/fire brute and lvling my alts that either my step kids picked out or the wife. Or my side project's (made costume then tried to match power sets to it)


P.s my main is a grav/storm troll in tribute to person that got me into this game that passed(his main on live)

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56 minutes ago, Apparition said:

Ice/Rad Corruptor.  Ice Blast hits like a truck, Blizzard + Scourge = love, and Rad you already know and like.

Trying a self attempt at a build now.



I dont mind not using rad.  Melee classes even blasters are all(but 4 crab/widow/tri form dudes) up for game. 

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Illusion/Traps, Earth Control/Thermal are good options. Illusion version is more effective, Earth version is a lot cheaper.

Another interesting option is Fire/Dark Controller... Dark's -Damage will neuter the damage of almost all AVs, and with its -Regen and -Resist, the damage from Fire Imps will whittle down the AV. And Fire/Dark does more damage otherwise.

An interesting option might be Dark/Psy Dominator. You can perma-Confuse the AV to take care of defense, and the strong -Regen from Drain Psyche helps with doing damage. 3 pets do decent damage and you can sneak in some attacks between Confuses, and Sleet is available for -Res.

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