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New Powerset Suggestion : Machine Gun (Blast Set)

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Machine Gun

Tier 1 : Burst : Ranged, Moderate Damage over Time (Lethal) Foe -Defence
Quickly fires a Burst of rounds at a single target at long range. Damage is average, but the firing rate is fast. Can also reduce the target's defense.

Tier 2 : Rapid Fire : Ranged, Moderate Damage, Lethal/Smash, Foe Knockback
You can fire off a quick burst of lead.

Tier 3 : Heavy Burst : Ranged (Cone), High Damage over Time (Lethal), Foe -Defence
Fires a Heavy Burst of rounds at foes in a long cone in front of the user. Can also reduce the targets' defense.

Tier 4 : Chain Gun : Ranged, Lethal, High Damage over Time, Chance to chain.
Sprays a massive burst of lead at a target with chance to chain to nearby targets.

Tier 5 : Reload : Reloads primary powers and grants To hit/Damage buff.
Recharge should be longer than most of Aim powers.

Tier 6 : Heavy Assault : Ranged (Location AoE), Lethal, Moderate Damage over Time, Chance to knockdown.
Sprays massive amount of bullets at targeted location.

Tier 7 :  Auto Fire : Ranged, Lethal, High Damage Over Time, Foe Chance to Fear.
Sprays a massive burst of lead at a target with chance to terrorize nearby enemies. (Not enough to hold them just until animation ends)

Tier 8 : Gatling Gun (Ranged) Targeted Area of Effect, Smash/Lethal, High Damage, -Resistance
Fires a massive volley of armor piercing shells.

Tier 9 : Full Auto : Toggle , Ranged (Cone), Superior DoT(Lethal), Foe Chance to knockback , Chance to repel. Self -Movement Speed
Opens up your Machine Gun on Full Auto to lay down a massive spray of bullets at your target. Although very slow to reload, damage from this attack is massive, shredding all targets within the narrow cone of effect.

This is a timed toggle. Meaning it will remain active then go into recharge after 30 seconds. Since Damage is superior DoT. I imagined it will be too powerful hence Chance to repel/knockback so that they get further away from you. Or we could nerf damage to Moderate DoT and remove knockback/repel component. Either way works.
Also you will get walk animation with gun in both hands hence -Movement Speed for Self. (No root since it will be pointless otherwise)

Anyway let me know your thoughts. Is it too powerful or too weak or just right?

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I'm going to just be real with you, this is too similar to Assault Rifle. Even putting that aside, the "gun fantasy" has kind of already been realized in the form of Assault Rifle, Beam Rifle, and Dual Pistols. Another gun set is probably not at the top of the radar at the moment. What you seem to be requesting is a new variation of Assault Rifle changes. 

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This seems a tad too close to Assault Rifle/Arachnos Soldier to be something completely new, but I do see the potential here to focus away from the conventional rifles and SMGs and instead focus on heavy weaponry.


If I'm correct, many of the chaingun/minigun powers use the exact same animation and FX from other automatic weapons, and all that would need to happen is making those heavy weapon skins available to the player. Now, for things like Assault Rifle and Arachnos Soldier, it's going to be a difficult fit considering they have multiple fire modes and payloads. But, for something like a chaingun/minigun, this sort of concept would fit perfectly!


The only obstacle I see is that there are only 3 heavy skins in the game off the top of my head (standard, nemesis, resistance), but that's not nothing at least!

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16 hours ago, TemporalVileTerror said:

I think the "gun fantasy" in this game needs to spread out some more, rather than remaining trapped within the Blast Sets.



Machine gun buff set. Defender primary. Corr/Controller secondary.

Powers include "Heal of Bullets," a cone heal, and "Fast burst," similar to speed boost as your team tries to get away from the nutjob on their team shooting bullets at them instead of the enemy.

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