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What are your expectations for the Loki series?

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How much will it feel like the adventures of Five in the Temps Aeternalis?


Will Loki be heroic or are we just supposed to root for him because he is the main character?


Will it be more of a comedy like Ragnarok?

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To be a little less flip, the concept seems sort of cool, and I like the Loki character - but I'm just not getting them good vibrations from the trailers.  Feels like a one-season-wonder in the making.



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Great question!


As a character in the past movies, Loki never seemed like that much of a big draw (after the first Avengers movie, that is). The last time I was interested in his character has at the beginning of Infinity War, having completed his arc of redemption then getting thumped by Thanos. The fact that the character is being reverted back to the Avengers movie version is interesting, but I am not sure that alone will be enough for me to care about his character. The series will need to convince me, something that wasn't necessary for W&V or F&WS. Anyways, if I am being honest I will likely watch it regardless and if Disney+/Marvel past TV series are any indication, I will be satisfied.

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23 hours ago, Commune said:

I'm expecting it to be like a season of Dr Who if the Master was the main character.


Yeah, that's a great way to summarize my expectations.  Loki as seeming anti-hero, but with the potential to go full-on villain at any moment.  I think I'm most intrigued with Owen Wilson's role.  I'm not a huge fan of Owen, more neutral, but the trailers show a very interesting performance from him.  I kind of picture his character (and the TVA as a whole) in your stated context as the equivalent of the Gallifreyan leadership: clever, dangerous, confident that they have the Master completely under control, even foiling him a few times, but ultimately either resulting in a walk-away draw, or with him besting them in some way.


21 hours ago, TheOtherTed said:

Great.  Now I really want to see a Dr. Who spin-off where Missy is the main character.

You and an army of Cyberm...um, fans, yes. 

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