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Mobile bottom bar causes me actual rage - disable button please

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This bar keeps deleting my posts. Is there a way to disable it?  Tapping these on accident takes me to a new page, and you can see it's within one fat thumb of where my keyboard suggestions show up.


I literally accidentally tap "Messages" in 1 out of 2 posts I type.


Kill it. Kill it with fire.Screenshot_20210520-103541.thumb.png.f7adba93c73783c0b21ccb3ec68763b3.png

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I have issues with something similar. On my mobile device I could be typing a long response, then I have to edit something (a typo, as I'm prone to have) and while deleting the entire paragraph gets deleted instead of the few characters I was needing to fix.


Not sure how/why it happens, I definitely did not have all the text selected. Perhaps there's some function built into my phone where a double-tap of delete becomes a delete entire paragraph...seems unlikely, but its happened too many times to rule it out. I just know it's frustrating

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