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Selling IOs for less than the base cost.


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Greetings, I hope your day is full of wonder,


I noticed on the AH there are many IOs being sold for less than the cost of crafting it. 


Example: level 50 IO has a base cot of 450,000(ish) [not memorized] - listed for 200,000(ish)


The enhancements are being sold at less than half this amount. I am not implying there is anything wrong with setting the price at this level, I am hoping to understand the motives for doing this. I can imagine several reasons being:

  • Influence to burn.
  • has the recipe memorized (which would make it 'at cost' at the price listed)
  • accident.

I know curiosity killed the cat, however - I enjoy discovering the 'who' what' 'when' 'where' and 'how' of things.





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If I am chasing a specific badge (that gives more space in recipes or salvage) I will craft the recipes and just toss them on the AH at discount prices. IIRC the expanded storage is for lvl 25/30 and lvl 45/50 recipes.


Yes, Inf to burn... but only to a point. Level 50 common recipe drops usually just get sold (~100K each) to vendors to pay the scrub crafting fees for other recipes.

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There are several possible reasons:


-- IOs are bucketed in the AH by type, but not by level.  So you may be buying a level 50 Cleaving Blow A/D (which would indeed cost 490,400 inf to craft from recipe, plus cost of salvage), but that could have been sold as a level 10 Cleaving Blow A/D (which costs a few thousand).  So it did not necessarily cost more to make than it is being listed for.


-- there are some other ways to make crafting costs cheaper, including memorization and day job powers.


-- most likely it is because the seller wants to get rid of it and sells at a low enough price to sell instantly, and they are *hoping* to get a bigger payday.  This is also because people are lazy/stupid (take your pick).


-- other

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Who run Bartertown?


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Garage Sale?


I think the AH bucket system explains a lot of this oddness.  Not certain cause I've never actually paid close enough attention but I don't think the history display shows prices broken out by level.  If that is the case, I'd suspect some of what is observed is just the display showing the last sales which were for a lower level IO which as mentioned would cost considerably less to craft.

Outside of that, it probably has something to do with the same logic as to why players sell things on the AH for less than what a vendor will pay for them.  People are weird. 🤪

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By and large, with common IOs (No set bonuses), badge players will sell these at a very low price simply because the amount of enhancements required to craft exceed the number of AH slots. And, well, frankly, there are a lot of folks who are badge enthusiasts. Some crazy folks have more than one character intended to collect all 1549 badges. 51 of them require crafting, and it's well over 600 common enhancements, not to mention the 2k worth of any enhancement. Add to that, there's a badge for selling 7000 items on the AH. 

And then there's the lazy crafter and the market manipulator. The lazy crafter just wants to be rid of whatever it was and can't be bothered to determine the going price, despite it being listed in the history for all to see (when it's accurate, lol). These silly people list items and want them gone immediately; however, if they ever try to sell confuse or hold common IOs at even 1 inf - those can take a while to sell! Nobody wants that trash. (well, very, very few people, and they tend to bit like 2 inf or even 1 inf - and they get the IO, too. The poor seller had to pay 5 inf to collect their 1 inf asking price. That's what laziness gets you. 

Some market manipulators might try to lower the price of certain IOs because they ...well, motivations will vary - but invariably, the smarter, more greedy marketers are wise to this foolishness and have had 100's of low ball bids in place that they check on every few days to re-bid for the same low ball price and relist the ones they got for cheap. 

Thanks lazy people/market manipulators. I appreciate the help! (Maybe my gloating will get these silly people to actually list items for the going price, but I doubt it) 


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