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Which Badge is this???


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There are a few Arena pet badges with no progress text, only a placeholder counter like that.  100 Sky Raider Force Field Generators would be my guess.


Edit: https://hcwiki.cityofheroes.dev/wiki/Hero_Gladiator_Badges#Independent_Gladiator_Badges


Those.  You can isolate which one it is by defeating one relevant foe of the appropriate type for each badge and checking the counter.

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There are a few that show up that way until you've made some degree of progress.


Yes, it's annoying. Almost as bad as trying to figure out which plaque of the ones in five different zones (one of which is an echo) you need.

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Some badges also lack progression hints if you're the wrong alignment.  I know most of the Croatoa defeats won't tell you what they are if you're a villain, but I don't know any badges that show as ??? to heroes but not villains.

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