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Did anyone know a player with a character named Hurricane Rick on Homecoming?


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I made a post about this in the Reddit sub, but it was suggested that I ask here, as well.


A real life friend of mine passed away at the end of August. I never knew what his Global Name or even for sure if he played on Homecoming or not, but the only clue I have is that he'd made a character named Hurricane Rick about a year ago. I don't know if a GM/Mod/Dev (or whoever's in charge) has a way to try and look it up to see.


I actually just started playing on CoH after seeing his post on Reddit. I knew his username there, but he didn't know I knew it. We'd been friends for over 25 years, but kind of drifted apart over the past few years after I moved to China and didn't have an easy way to communicate. I actually joined CoH again in the hopes of reconnecting and playing with him after seeing his post on the Reddit sub. He was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer back at the end of May, and passed at the end of August. Our one mutual friend who I talked to regularly had last told me that he was in treatment (chemo and radiation therapy). I was planning to reach out after he completed his treatment, but I was too late.


We hadn't been able to reach him for over a month (which now we know why), so I was getting more and more concerned. I spent some time on Google today and found his obituary.


Anyway, I was mainly wanting to see about getting his account passed over to his sister (if she wants it). I'm still trying to contact her via the funeral home, though. Also, I thought maybe he had some friends that he played with who might want to know he was gone.


While I can't give any specific information on any other Global Names or characters, if a GM or someone who has access can contact me, I can maybe give you some other information like his real name and maybe an email he might've used to register.


Sorry for the depressing post, but thank you for taking the time to read it.

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I'm sorry for your loss.


If you'd like to find out his global name, type in /getglobalname "Hurricane Rick"** and in your General tab (not Genchat) it should return the information you're looking for.


If it says "Hurricane Rick does not exist" (something like that) you may need to try again on a different shard. But eventually you should be able to find his global name this way.




**(usually this works without quotes, but I included them to be safe)

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Keep in mind that the above assumes that they Have this global and this isn't simply their Live global (which not everyone managed to reserve like I have). +1 for contacting a GM, but as an aside...whomever has control of that person's main computer (with the right understanding) likely has the tools needed to take over any of that person's accounts, for any site, etc. I've had to do this twice now for a parent because they got really sick when Covid started (not covid then) and recently covid took them. So my IT knowledge assisted me with doing this as we had lots of legal things to take care of and being able to access their various accounts was necessary. I imagine a similar effort has already taken place for your friend, so it wouldn't be a leap to say that would help in the Ask of the posting in the event that something like Privacy, etc prevent the current Devs from assisting.


Note: For obvious reasons, I'm NOT going to volunteer how to do any of the above.

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