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  1. Freakshow. If you met me youd know why. Hey redditors. Your downvotes mean nothing but your salty tears are great
  2. Its a delay mechanic. Like illusionist and boss level hp. Think the tsoo sorcerer is a better idea with the heal and hurricane.
  3. Think of all the free octopus meat blue side also pumpkin pie.
  4. Considering most of the pug tfs i join have thier difficulty set to -1x0 im kinda bored so i go beat up dudes with no chance by myself.
  5. Its more aoe than a stalker is normally used to so dont be afraid to go up to +2 x4 or x6. Also lr and shield bash dont break hide and sb is pretty fast. Youll see
  6. Elec/shield stalker. If you plan to do any teaming macro combat teleport to target so youre not spinning around looking for targets to delete.
  7. If it waant for streakbreaker i would hit far less than 50% of the time. Thats Xcom, baby!
  8. This bites. I love having a grenade launcher. Kind of wish it was on the same timer as the st martial event that gets me a tommy gun. Thats a bit harder since fewer people are running redside and the bosses are gravity.
  9. You hush your mouth! Enabling ae babies is legit okay. I guess, since there is no way long term that this player will quit and go and be a train wreck in another game. This player will play and love this game while learning nothing about it in another ae farm multiplied by however many other people do this strategy of leveling in ae only. Oh sorry off topic it seems while still be completely related to what op is doing.
  10. Elec/shield stalker. Set up target macros for lightning rod and shield bash. Buildup, lr, sb then do an assasin strike. Drop the guassians proc in buildup for damage. Make sure you have the stalker ato for build up. Do horrible horrible things to the ai that make you love stalker forever. Stalker 2. Em/ea. You have stuns. You have an aoe stun in ea. Youre stunning bosses. Theyre dead. This thread is diamonds.
  11. The only problem ive had with stalkers is the enemies tendancy to run around for no good reason. Im pretty sure its an interaction with friends being pancaked and whiffing thier own hits. I soooo want to slot taunt ios in my AAO on my elec/shield stalker
  12. I would like to see assemble the team as a teleport pool choice. Everyone will complain and nothing will be done.
  13. Forgot about ruin mages. They are aptly named from the bubble to the earthquake. Pretty sure my ingame ptsd is off the charts. As an aside for posi 1 smaller groups tend to not spawn ruin mages. Also makes the shadow you's a more interesting fight
  14. I will give you a million to stop being poor. Im sitting on 1.2 billion liquid. My base ia filled with enhancments. My alts are all ioed out. I have 1 50 with a smattering of purples. Im still empty inside. When i have 2 billion liquid then i wont be empty. Oh yes. All the fake money....
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