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I ... don't think I've seen this before.


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All right, so we know the fir Bolg in Croatoa disguise themselves as trees. Normally we just see them that way, they unhide, attack, we get XP.


I've never seen them actually hide themselves before... repeatedly. It's kind of amusing to watch...


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Welp. That definitely is something I have to say I've not witnessed. Funky dance moves. 

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Just remember that this is what they do on a predictable basis - their Lord and Master (Level 50 Arch-Villain), The Great Fir Bolg will appear if you're scrapping in the most sincere pumpkin patch (no, I don't know what that means, I don't think anyone does, it's one of those things that gets more obscure and arcane the more you try to figure it out), and hand out candied apples before dispatching your entire SG to the spirit world.  And as you're all floating in the misty, zero-gravity purgatory, your SG mates are waving their index finger in your face and saying, "No-no-no, thank you."  Just one of the things in store for you if you keep taking videos of Fir Bolg in their quiet time...

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Well, I'm sure that's interesting to anyone who can see anything on the almost totally black screen. Maybe the FB thought they had privacy in the darkness.


But yeah, any time NPCs get caught in a loop of doing something weird, it's fun.

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