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I do not know if this is to be reported on forums or in discord so I apologize in advance if this is the wrong spot. 


But since yesterday, 10/12/21  I have noticed several of the servers seem to be .. less than stable. 

I've been playing on Torchbearer for about a week (Use to play COH/CoV years back before NCsoft killed it.) and just came back to the game after discovering it was alive again as Homecoming (Thank you btw for the ppl responsible for that, I LOVED this game!)


First few days, servers were all fine. Other than the persistent issue of every time I log in I have to re accept the Terms of service contract. My acceptance doesn't seem saved anywhere. Kind of annoying, but manageable. 


Since yesterday though, things have been unstable/unplayable. 


There's insane levels of rubber banding, chopping, enemies/npcs suddenly blinking out of existence, only to reappear milliseconds later in a ceiling or wall or under the floor attacking, only to consistently bounce around every half second or so , completely defying the laws of physics. 

Even when they are dead. Their bodies randomly teleport all over the place like a super bouncy ball that's been thrown right up against a wall in an extremely narrow hallway. 


I also have to click every dialog option a few times to get the game to register that I've done that, to progress the conversations. 

It's making combat of any kind almost impossible. Npc conversations difficult at best. And several times when I've tried logging out and back in to see if that helps, it suddenly tells me that it can't pull up server/shard status. And the "loading news" is blank. 


If I click "support" it brings me to a web page showing my pc, and "cloudfare?" with a steady connection, but then under "Host" it says it's straight up offline, or there's errors. So it's definitely server side. 


And for context, my Internet is 100MB/S, I have 16g ram, an NVidia RTX 3060, and an I9 processor. So the technical issues aren't due to lack of ram or poor graphics cards or internet.  Any ideas what's going on, or when the game will be stable again?

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40 minutes ago, Glacier Peak said:

I'd have to know your ping to say for sure, but that sounds like to me a latency issue between your device and the server. 


This. "Lag" issues in the game have very little to do with the client system. If the game runs okay with decent framerate in any busy area, the system is good enough (at those settings). And network speed, if stable, has very little do to with gameplay (well under 1mbps) All of what the OP describes are far more likely due to local-loop latency problems.

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Id say its something between your computer and the server.  I forget what the connection tracker is called,  maybe pingplotter,  that lets you see where your connection is getting interrupted.  I also play on torch and havent had any connection or rubber banding for months.  I did have my screen blink 'lost connection to mapserver' for about 0.1 seconds maybe 2 days ago.  But even then i wasnt getting any latency problems before or after.

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I was having abusively bad rubberbanding on Excelsior on Monday, in one case jumping back almost a minute's flight -- halfway across the RWZ -- and taking more than a dozen tries to get from the RWZ base entry to Lady Grey. Later I had the oddest case of a bad connection, where I was zoning via the tram, had the connection hang, drop back to the sign-in screen, then when I was about to sign in again, it jumped to the zone loading screen and eventually dropped me in the tram station in the new zone. I attributed it to a network glitch, logged out for about five minutes, then back in, and the rubberbanding was mostly gone, just some minor jerkiness.

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On 10/13/2021 at 2:23 PM, NightBreedGaming said:

 every time I log in I have to re accept the Terms of service contract. My acceptance doesn't seem saved anywhere.

I do that too, pretty sure that's an intended outcome, not a bug of any sort.


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