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On 6/3/2019 at 5:51 AM, Leandro said:

Standard Damage Formula


I noticed this formula seems to give the same results as 0.36 + Recharge*0.16 . Does anyone know if there's a reason to use one over the other? The latter seems a lot easier to math in your head, since you know that every second added to the power's base recharge will increase the damage scale by 0.16.


Edit: I see this second formula is one arcanaville posted, too.


Edit 2: They are exactly the same, I forgot about the distributive property.

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Is there any power in this game that actually follows the equations laid out in the OP?


I ask because none of this is making any sense to me. Looking at Midnight Grasp in Sentinel Soul Mastery...


A 34 second recharge single target attack should be doing 5.8 base damage and costing 30.16 end.


With Sent AT Mods, that means it should be dishing out 306 damage (5.8*52.8297 at 50) which, of course, it most assuredly isn't.

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I will never understand the "only buffs, no nerfs" crowd. Only being satisfied with an "I Win" button is no way to balance anything.

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I've always liked the term "design formula" since I see design, especially UX and UI, as a creative branch of the exact sciences. Design processes are often broken down by steps and taught as a set of formulas. That is a common misconception, so many new designers get tangled up. In UX design, the "double diamond" process is something that most designers follow religiously in their process. Each step would include several methodologies that follow one another. When clients hire designers, they like hearing about all these design formulas since they make the process seem much more professional.

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