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Commands for summon pets on numpad.


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I want to hit numpad 1 and summon zombies, numpad 2 and summon grave knights, numpad 3 and summon lich.


That is it so i can free up 3 spaces for new commands im out of room.


I am very confused.  How do i do it as easy as possible?


Please and thanks.

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On 1/17/2022 at 10:22 PM, Relvinian said:

much more than i want.

Just move those pets over to those keys in link provided.. 

I make masterminds with one pet so I mod the files as well as needed. 

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Just use:
/bind numpad 1 powexec_location Self Zombie Horde
/bind numpad 2 powexec_location Self Grave Knight
/bind numpad 3 powexec_location Self Lich

I don't usually use numpad, so I'm not 100% sure that "numpad 1" corresponds to that particular key... and I'm on a mac with a funky keyboard.
Also, you can change the location to Cursor or Back:10, Back:20, Left... etc. Or if you omit location and use powexec_name [x] you can pick where they'll summon

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There is no space between numpad and the number, so numpad1, numpad2, and numpad3 are the correct terms.


I would also use 0:10 as the location instead of self, so they summon 10 feet in front of you, instead of on top of you. 


/bind numpad1 powexeclocation 0:10 Zombie Horde
/bind numpad2 powexeclocation 0:10 Grave Knight
/bind numpad3 powexeclocation 0:10 Lich


Edit: Note that underscores are never required, and are only to make things easier to read for us humans. /powexeclocation is the same as /p_o_w_e_x_e_c_l_o_c_a_t_i_o_n  ... so I never use underscores in my macros and binds.

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Tagging on to this post to ask if there is anything going on with the /bindloadfile command. I've been very careful to make sure my path name is correct, and enclosed in quotes. No matter where I put the file or what I try I cannot get the command to load my binds. I get a message that it can't load the file. I've tried both my C drive and my D drive (where the game is installed)

I read in some thread about the command being disabled at one time, but that was circa 2019, I'm not assuming it's still disabled.

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The command to load the regular bind file is /bindload. 🙂 Your keybinds.txt file must be in the Homecoming/settings/live folder. This is also where your chat, window, and option files are saved. 














You can create separate bind files and use the /bindloadfile command, but it doesn't look like quotes are required:


From the wiki: 

/bindloadfile c:\binds\bind_file.txt

A message will be displayed in the chat tabs confirming that the file has been loaded.

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