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Alkaloid not working properly / Poison Powerset problem


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EDIT: I remembered wrong, thanks for verifying y'all I thought I was going crazy lmao 


I grew up playing COH & COV & have fond memories of using the Poison powerset among many others. I created a Corruptor yesterday w/ Psychic blast & Poison powersets, but when I started playing the game I noticed an issue with Poison powerset's first ability, Alkaloid. In the original game Alkaloid could be used as an attack against enemies, or as a heal for friendlies depending on who you had targeted. Now however, Alkaloid is unable to be used as an attack power against foes. Is there a reason for this change? Is this a glitch? Can this be fixed so that the power matches up with the power's description? While it's not game breaking by any means, it was a huge disappointment to discover the power doesn't work the way it's supposed to. Would LOVE to see this fixed or hear any feedback on this issue. I know it's not everyone's favourite powerset, but if it's in the game it should work the way it was meant to, no? 

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Thanks for your input Wavicle. Perhaps I'm remembering wrong, but I could've sworn it was both a weak heal & a weak toxic damage attack at one point. The description for Alkaloid even alludes to this somewhat. It's all good though.. COV did drop when I was in 5th grade, could just be remembering wrong. Again, thanks for your time!

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I dont remember that either and my 1st Mastermind was Robot/Poison back on Live with T3 incarnated on shutdown.

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