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why i Love being the villian


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I found coh existied in 2020 when i found coh i found cov. I like coh alot and find my time playing as a hero worth it but when im a villain i feel like im the main bad guy to the coh story.  You get to do so many things as a villain its so cool i wish i had found about cov when i was younger. Heres my evil character THE CRIMSON GAS! 

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Some of the villain arcs are quite good, but a lot are fighting snakes in the sewers or something like that.

I like the Seer Marino story line and the whole thing with the Luddites in Cap au Diable. There is also this story where there is a clone of yourself.


I used to play a lot of villains and rogues back on live, because one of my friends only played villains. He loved just doing random bits of mischief, like kicking NPCs standing on high places like roof tops.


I think that CoV is nice, but would have had much more potential if it had some of the morality choices that Going Rogue has and allowed you more to become the main villain instead of just a side character.

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On 2/7/2022 at 12:35 PM, DougGraves said:

Are there arcs you like where you feel like the main villain?


I've only played low level villain arcs and you are constantly an underling it feels like.


I've felt the same way playing red-side. I have one character that is the exception, it tags along with other villains as a pathogen so the stories never relate directly to it. I don't bring it out very often due to the current pandemic, even though it's been around long before it started but I'd hate to see it nuked because someone thought it crass.


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My issue is that in comics, villains typically initiate the conflict/cause the situation that the heroes have to respond to.  In CoV, you are basically someone else's henchman - THEY initiate the schemes and you are brought in to aid them or bail them out.  I get that it's a limitation due to the nature of the game, but I often feel like I'm just a lackey that was either paid or tricked into aiding a great villain...

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