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The Wiki's Slash Commands Have Been Updated!


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Over 200 new commands were added to the Wiki. The "Working Commands" list has been vetted and hundreds of pages created/updated and standardized, except for the technical/graphics commands. I know very little about computer graphics, and I couldn't even tell if the command worked or not when I started testing them. So I'm leaving them for someone else to look over. If you feel you can do it, please do. I know players would appreciate it.


I ended up creating new wiki pages when I ran across the need for them to exist. In many cases pages needed to be updated in order to explain the slash commands. In these cases, I tried to retain the original author's verbiage as much as possible, while updating the information and layout to make things easier to understand. I created many images for these pages too.  The list is far too long and frankly I couldn't remember all of them if I tried, but the ones I like most are...


Pages I created:

Default Folder

Context Menus

League Window



Pages I updated:

Tray Window



Through all of this I did discover something new and cool. While attempting to make the various power tray commands easier to understand, I realized that there were trays, and then there were trays, and more trays! Different pieces of the Tray Window were all called the same thing and it got really confusing very fast. While looking through the game's configuration files I stumbled across the missing part of the puzzle.... what the Devs called the primary, secondary (Alt), and tertiary (Alt2) trays... they called them "Tray Slots"! I explain in more detail on the Tray Window page at the wiki, but in short the components of the tray window, in official verbiage, from large to small, are:


-Tray Window-

Tray Slots

Power Trays

Power Slots

Power Icons


I know it's a small thing, but it's kinda cool anyway. 🙂


My 2-month long project with the Wiki is now over. I am done with the slash commands. I have to say I enjoyed the detective work that many of the commands required to figure out how to use them. I felt very Sherlock Holmes-ian. 


I hope this helps people feel more confident in the Homecoming Wiki. Although many pages throughout the wiki still need slight updating, this one huge and useful section no longer does! For slash commands at least, I can say with utmost confidence that the Wiki is now the best place to go looking for slash commands, has the most complete list of slash commands, and the clearest instructions on how to use them than anywhere else.


Cheers, everyone!











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