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Numbering and Naming of Hero TF’s badges?


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Hi, apologies if been covered before but searching found nothing.

Historically we had blueside six TF’s each numbered in sequence 1 to 6 (the badges use roman numbers).

All six collected awarded the TF accolade.

However now we have seven (ignoring the Posi split in two parts because that still eventually gives the number 1 badge) with two number 3’s!

One of those number three’s is still named Sister Psyche.

Why was the numbering left like that and why did the name not get changed to reflect it is now the Penny Yin TF?

Can I ignore one of the “three’s” and still get the TF accolade award?

Thanks for any info, background and rationals. Will be appreciated.🤔👍

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1 hour ago, Jacktar said:

Can I ignore one of the “three’s” and still get the TF accolade award?


Yes, you can. The Sister Psyche's Comrade badge and the Penelope Yin's Friend badge are an either/or requirement for the Task Force Commander badge and can be used interchangeably to earn that accolade.


As to why the numbering was not changed, I cannot say for sure. Considering that it is still possible to run the Sister Psyche TF to earn her badge, I assume the devs felt that creating a new badge was more appropriate than renaming the existing badge.  

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