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Diminishing returns on rewards


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I can generally keep track of my alts - which ones have done a weekly, which haven't. 

But with this new currency, the Prismatic Aether Particle, it has it's own set of rules, and well, frankly, it's a bit convoluted. 

So, I've got a new 50. Was doing a Belladonna arc when I see this recruitment message: 

No idea who this chap is, and that doesn't matter. But, it reminded me that we get merits and the prismatics for doing it. 

Thing is - I only got two prismatics. 

So..I think - let me send this chap a tell and let him know it only gives 2. But, the back of my wee noggin tells me that the error might be mine, as I'd run a sLam earlier, and following that, a BAF. 
I got one prismatic for the sLam. 
I got zero for the BAF. 
And I got two for the TPN. 

I remember reading this part in the patch notes, and frankly - to hell with your schedule of diminishing returns. It's patently stupid. Why? Because most folks don't swap back and forth from one alt to the next. They get a 50, play to gear up the incarnates, then make a new alt. I concede that everyone may not play like that, but I think it's fair to say that most do. 

The way I see it - be consistent. Give two prismatics, or one. Or 3. Whatever. Pick a number and grant those rewards in the same amount each time. 
There's no reason to encourage people to alt out. Alting out is a waste for most of us. 

I only have one level 50 that's not t-4 in all. Why would I want to alt out and get an incarnate component that my current alt can't use? It's just not clear why it should be this way. 

I can already hear it now (or read, as the case may be) "If you want the prismatic, alt, otherwise do what you do." 
I say "shut up, you're missing the point".  The point is, I shouldn't have to be corralled into alting out for the figurative carrot. I should get the same carrot regardless of the alt I'm on. 

Now, if it were a second sLam or BAF or TPN, I get it. But they're 3 different trials. There should be no diminishing returns. 

So, hooray for having a reason to run these trite iTrials that I've run literally hundreds of times. 
But BOOOO! for removing that motivation in the same stroke. Screw those itrials if they're not gonna pay me. 

I think the diminishing returns needs to be revisited. We need some consistency for the rewards, otherwise, some asshat like me will be sending this league leader a tell, blaming him for telling me it was three prismatics when it's only 2. 

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I mean, running the same TF more than once yields fewer reward merits as well, so diminishing rewards for repeated runs does seem to be the norm, or are you saying that those diminishing rewards are on an account-wide basis, and not per character?  Either way, some clarity would be nice...

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If you only ran the TPN, you'd get 3.   Because of the LAM, you got one from that, so only two more from the TPN.   (Basically capped at 3 for 18 hours from iTrails)


And ITF & Aeon are on a different schedule?  WST as well.  I'm not much of a fan either, but I'm addressing it by not pursuing them.

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