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Enhancement Tables - How do you organize your stuff?


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I just recently created my first base, solely for the purpose of stashing my stuff. But before I commit too much of my time, how to you keep your keep your enhancement tables organized? Do you have dedicated tables for Purples only? Do you sort it alphabetically? Are you a rebel and just yolo it?

Inverno - Ice/Ice Tanker

Stone Arrow - Earth/TA Troller

Timeless Record - Time/Sonic Defender



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No matter how much I sell, I still end up with IOs. On Reunion which has a bulk of my "sharing" toons, I have several. Most are dedicated to a type, say Ranged Damage, Melee Damage, Ranged AoE, Melee AoE, Travel IOs, Health, End, Control (holds, slows, immobs, etc.), To Hit buffs and debuffs, special (PvP, Purples, ATOs), Def, and Res. Some I group together like Sniper IOs, Pet IOs and KB, as well as the violet background ones like Def debuff, fear, and taunt.

On Torch, my toons are more stingy so I have less IO tables that share the above categories like Ranged and Ranged AoE, Melee and Melee AoE, HP + end, etc.

A lot of them are leftovers from recent respecs, and I'll probably convert them to something that I need sooner or later. Most are also procs that are at the minimum level they are available, so not attunded. Some IOs that I frequently use like Thunderstrike and Posi's blast I never really stock up on since it's a lot cheaper to buy them fresh from AH than to waste converters on them. 

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I have tables for ranged, melee, resist/defense, healing, and misc (holds, travel powers, etc). Also I usually have one for very rare IOs/AT-specific sets/Winter sets, and another for crafted generic IOs.


Edit: I have some storage for inspirations. Nothing smaller than large, and also a few of the ambrosias for Hami raids. 

Salvage: One filled with tech top-tier commons, another the same for arcane. One for top-tier uncommons, and another for top tier rares. I also use the vault to keep usually three each of top-tier commons and uncommons, and any overflow rares. 

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I generally set up my salvage storage alphabetically, sorted by rarity. So, 4 common salvage bins, which hold 11 each of 9 commons. A-C, D-I, K-R, S-T. That works out perfectly. Then 2 uncommon salvage, with 5-6 of each kind, A-L, M-Z. Then one bin of rares, 3 of each. One bin of "special", catalysts and converters and such, available to SG members who don't have the merits to get them themselves. Then, and this varies according to the sg and their needs, but for my people, I have 2 inspiration holders, and the rest of my bins are for IOs. Currently, I have 2 for generic IOs, but only from level 35 up, since SOs have better bonuses than IOs until then. Then I have 2 purple bins, wish I had 3. This is for ultra rares, winter event, the PvPs I like such as Panacea, Shield Wall and Gladiator's Armor, and there's a whole bin for ATOs. Then I have 2 for damage dealing IOs, one for ranged/targeted AOES, one for melee/PBAOE. Then one for Heal/Res/Def IOs, just the sets I like. Then one misc, for tohit, def debuffs, , kb pro, etc. . I don't bother keeping things on hand that aren't commonly used, or are very cheap.


I do have a video on setting up storage, Making Your Base Work For You, which might also help. In that, I have more common salvage racks, which worked then, but I needed more IO storage as time went on.




P.S., if you're not aware, there are more videos on my site designed to help you learn and grow in base editing. 🙂

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On 9/14/2022 at 6:30 AM, Falsey said:

I just recently created my first base, solely for the purpose of stashing my stuff.



Based on your icon, gratz specifically on your supervillain lair ... but don't get any big ideas, my villains will take over the world!

.. ahem.... where was I ...

On 9/14/2022 at 6:30 AM, Falsey said:

But before I commit too much of my time, how to you keep your keep your enhancement tables organized? Do you have dedicated tables for Purples only? Do you sort it alphabetically?


The most useful aspect of the base storage to me is transferring goods between alts or sharing with SG mates.


Insp storage is useless to me, but I have a sgmate in one of the sg's that I'm in that likes store the stuff ...and I'm thinking hardly they hardly ever use what stored in them.


I wouldn't get any more than 1 or two salvage storage tables. You might want one for Candy Canes, catalysts, converts and unslotters, but normal salvage (common, uncommon, and even rare) is readily available on the market for a reasonable price if you are doing any kind of profit growing marketing.

If you have some kind of salvage that one or more of your characters use on a repetitive base, sure store it for the alt.

If you are using the sg base buffing station often, then saving salvage for that for alt access isn't a bad idea either.


Enhancement storage I handle in a couple of ways. Obviously, a majority of my storage is enhancement storage.


*What will fit and keep the same kind together in SGs that I'm using with others. (Direct access)

I team up with same chaotic players that throw whatever in a bin and don't bother sorting on any level.


*SG for crafting IO specialty of incomplete sets (for sg and for emailing to alts)

I do some marketing. (Am I an Ebil Marketer? I won't say. And I won't pay any dues for a membership card!)

So I tend to squirrel away the kind of enhancements that any given character might specialize in.

I group it by enhancement type, but on bases with low enhancement generation, I don't bother sorting it alphabetically.


*SG's based on specific type of enhancement. (primarily for emailing of full sets to alts)

I have a base that only stores the Winter Card Pack/Winter Event enhancements. I have enough of these stockpiled that I have a more than one table for each set. I have the tables aligned in a horseshoe set-up so I have access to 5 tables without moving. 

I have a base that I use to store and sort the Hero/Villain and Rogue/Vigilante card pack ATOs (Archetype Enhancements). This was originally set up as a crafting supergroup so it had Set IO's in alphabetical order by effect type (Confuse, Defense, Hold, Melee, Ranged, etc) but when I started getting more card packs, I started sorting (in their own tables lined up away from the others) the ATOs by archetype. Usually two archetypes per table.

In both instances, these bases are (as indicated) for emailing components or full sets to other alts.


Good luck expanding, but remember ... but don't get any big ideas, my villains will take over the world! ... but, much more likely, my heroes will be out there trying to thwart your villainy!


Have fun!





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It's who they are. There is a group of them that have banded together to do it. They think that it is acceptable.

Ignore is a tool to improve your gaming experience. Don't feel bad about using it.

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On 9/14/2022 at 6:30 AM, Falsey said:

I just recently created my first base, solely for the purpose of stashing my stuff. But before I commit too much of my time, how to you keep your keep your enhancement tables organized? Do you have dedicated tables for Purples only? Do you sort it alphabetically? Are you a rebel and just yolo it?

I have a heal/endurance and general io table

I have a travel io and random over flow table - I also use it for when I’m quickly crafting stuff and need somewhere to dump things until I can organize later or I've done a respec and need to stick stuff somewhere before I do the new build from a separate build table.

I have a taunt/kb/stun table

I have a melee table (single and aoe)

I have a hold/immobilize/slow/sleep table

I have a defense/resist damage table

I have a ranged table (both aoe and single)

I have a pet io/debuff and to hit ios table

I have a purple, event io, archetype ios and upcoming build table.

I don't keep everything though, and sell a bunch of recipes and I dislike for me personally doing the crafting/converting route, I'd rather get merits and craft exactly what I need from a recipe via the merit vendor or market, or purchase it already crafted off market.


Because I do craft some recipes I also have storage for salvage racks 6 of them

2 each for each level of salvage rarity I put them near each other stacked.  I divide them up around half way through the alphabet A-M usually goes in one and M - the end of their respective lettering goes in the next one, and generally put 3-5 of each type of salvage in depending on what I find is used more on the recipes I tend to craft repeatedly.  This saves time when needed. I sometimes put one to two cata's in there if needed to boost something after purchasing them with merits on a new respec'd character, sometimes an unslotter or two in case I mess up.

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  • Common salvage - 4 tech racks for tech salvage, 3 arcane racks for arcane salvage
  • Uncommon salvage - 1 tech rack, one arcane rack
  • Rare salvage - 1 rack 
  • Special salvage (costume bits) - 1 rack
  • "personal vaults" in both tech and arcane areas
  • 4 insp racks, arcane = team imbuements, tech = mid/high tier and dual insps
  • 3 Enhancement tables, 1 for IO's, 1 for SO's, one for DO's (which I probably should get rid of, as no one uses DO's anymore!)
  • 4 Invention tables, Pillar of Ice and Flame, and Cauldron of the Furies for tip missions
  • Lobby has Trainer, Icon, and Quartermaster NPC's and a Merit ATM


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15252 Child of the Tsoo - [SFMA] Ninjas, sorcerers, and human trafficking (Origin Story - Stick Figure/Storm Lotus)

50769 Hunt of the Eclipse - [SFMA] Finding something that was lost to Arachnos for nearly 20 years (Origin Story - Daisy Chain)

53149 Spells as a Service - [SFMA] When a young hacker makes a connection between magic and mathematics and encodes it into a computer program, chaos breaks loose!

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I actually have two bases.  One is for my farmers and crafting.  All savage is organized alphabetically regardless of rarity.  The other base holds all the IOs.  These are organized by type.  Health, Damage, Pets, ATOs, WIOs, PVP, Purple, Defense/Resist, MISC.  I only keep 50s and Catalyzed IOs.  If I am bulk crafting for the market then I do that in the first base.



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The last SG base I built I used the SG symbols for the types of IO sets. I think Dacy did it first, which is where I got the idea.


Left to right ATOs, Damage, Defense/Resist, Heal, Movement, Tohit, Debuff, Holds. Bottom row is just salvage lockers, 3 common, 2 uncommon and 1 rare.

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