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[Petition] Removal of "EARTH FOR HUMANS" Billboards

Raiden Dirty

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I took this picture with my drone.


I'm a visitor here.

Different planet, different species, different culture.

When I first arrived here, I was greeted very well by Vanguard, only to leave the Warzone and see ... this.


I have fought beside Vanguard, and your local heroes.

I have bled for your citizens and your diplomats.


This doesn't even account for the friendly Rikti who are helping dismantle their old regime.

This doesn't account for the Kheldian Warshades and Peacebringers that defend your entire planet.

This doesn't account for every other extra-dimensional or extra-terrestrial being that has come to the defense of you and your people.


I am Arkove R'val, Registered Vanguard Operator.

Vanguard calls me RAITA.


I am creating this petition to have these disturbing, ugly, and offensive billboards removed or replaced.

I will pay for it myself if I must, but they have to go.




If you believe the same thing, leave your mark.


Humanity is above racism.

Prove it.


::If you wish to be contacted about potential protest action at City Hall, please e-mail me at [email protected]::

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Primal Earth has enough trouble dealing with my lot, Praetorian humans, never mind anyone else.  Oh well.



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