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New power pool - braggadocious

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I don't know what you might name this power pool but I woke up with the idea in my head and wanted to write it down. The powerset would be representative of an annoying overconfident heroic/villainous stereotype. This overconfidence will actually manifest through psionic buffs, debuffs, and control impairing effects.


Deep insult: You unleash an insult against a single target that cuts so deep, it does actual psionic damage to them. Foes are rendered helpless while they process how to move on from such an insult. Attacking the effected target will snap them out of it and they may retaliate. Machines are mostly unaffected by this power, but may momentarily become passive while their logic circuits process what you just tried to tell them.

Damage Moderate, foe Fear, foe stun(machines only). 


Swagger: You exude a presence of smug overconfidence that enrages foes around you, incentivizing them to focus their attacks against you. Such is the level of annoyance you exert, foes will actually receive a buff to the recharge of their powers, however because of their heightened emotions, their accuracy is reduced. Machines will notice your presence and perceive you as a greater threat, however, they will not be affected by the accuracy debuff, as they don't have emotions (hopefully). This power is not powerful enough to override the taunt effect from a Brute or Tanker, even though you think it should be.

Toggle, PBAoE taunt, foe +recharge, foe -ToHit (machines unaffected by -ToHit)


Celebrity Entourage: You selfishly believe your allies exist only to boost your own optics. Somehow, you psionically extend this self-important notion back to them. Any ally standing within a 5' radius of you has their damage resistance and damage output increased, as they are bolstered by your presence.

Toggle, PBAoE, Ally +Reistance to all Damage, +Damage.


Selecting Celebrity Entourage Unlocks:

Share The Spotlight: When you are standing amongst other celebrities, you become your own entourage! The radius and effects of Celebrity      Entourage double when another celebrity is within range. However, sharing the spotlight can be difficult on one such as you, so only 2 other celebrities can add to this effect. If a celebrity leaves, the radius and effects will shrink. The maximum buffs will be 30' Radius +15% Resistance (all), +30% Damage with 3 celebrities present.

Auto: Boosts Celebrity Entourage


Truthbomb: You unleash a blast of truth on a group of foes. Whether you are convincing them of the evil of their ways, insulting their intelligence, bragging about yourself, or trying to override their logic with infinite loop overflows, foes affected by this power will have random control impairing effects applied to them. Because each person is different, there is a 10% chance that any one of the following effects may apply: Knockdown, Stun, Confuse, Fear, Terrorize, Hold, Immobilize, No Effect, self-destruct (machines only). Some weaker foes may actually accept the truth of your statements and either switch sides, or simply throw down their weapon and leave (despawn). Machines are unaffected by most of these controls, but logic overflows may result in them self-destructing when they are unable to resolve the input provided.

Targeted Ranged AoE. Recharge Long.



Alternate last power

Summon Followers: You use your mobile device to call out on social media for assistance from your deeply annoying but sometimes useful fanbase. Dozens of sycophantic civilians and opportunistic paparazzi appear on the scene to photograph you and beg for an autograph. The influx of people, flashing cameras, noise, and extra bodies will confuse a group of enemies around you. Civilians can be targeted by foes, so some may be defeated by enemy attacks. Don't worry though, they all have medi-porters, probably.

Targetted summon - Multiple civilian critters are summoned. Each one has a small confuse aura around them. They can be targeted and defeated by foes. Civilians will follow you for about 30 seconds. Recharge Very Long.

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I love the idea of Truth Bomb doing any number of somethings like that.

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Hi, I'm Clave Dark 5!  You may remember me from such characters as King Pumpkin Spice, Stupid Like A Fox, Capt Sam's Space Zoo, The Pink Bamfer, Trash Ghost, Maid Of Metal... as well as a few really stupid AE arcs!

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