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ATO Price Increase


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I thought that ATOs were put on the AH by admins, so they should have the same price.

Last week, I bought several at 6M each.  This week, I've bid on several different types and ATs but they were around 8M-11M each.


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Due to market economy the price does fluctuate from time to time. If I see ATOs going for ~10 mil, I just buy super packs and leverage chance of getting 0-2 ATOs per open. You usually get at least 1.


Same thing with winters, I usually find it more economical to buy winter packs and open those if I'm spending influence than buying the winter IO directly. That said I sometimes use excess reward merits for a winter IO due to me being the laziest person in Paragon Island.

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As mentioned, ATOs listed on the /AH are listed by fellow players, so your previous purchases depended on someone else offering what you wanted at 6mm.  You may want to consider raising your bids, because 6mm seems awfully low by historical standards.


You can, of course, purchase ATOs using reward merits from any merit vendor.  The rub here is that it costs 100 merits to buy any given ATO, and generally you can use 100 merits to buy other items, sell them, and be able to buy ATOs in the market for cheaper.  That depends on someone else having already put the ATO you want up for sale.


Also, Hero and Vigilante packs will, on average, have 1.2 ATOs in them.  There might be one.  There might be two.  There might be none.  And of course the odds of one of them being exactly what you want are slim.  But you can always use converters to change them into what you want.  It just might take a long time and a lot of converters.



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Who run Bartertown?


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ATO price can also vary by character archetype.  But yeah, it does fluctuate, based on day of the week (weekends are pricier, for obvious reasons) and other things.


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