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found an en/en (Alphinaud) with full at set... sitting at 14. weekend project


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i found a stalker from 689 days ago *name warning* who had upon him 2x full stalker ato sets.


so aside from the obligitory i need to farm, thats a ready to go character.


now stalkers, is energy melee/energy aura a thing?


it does ok on the tier list blah, but is it ice/bio nice?


is stone/stupid-bio the way to go?


is brimstone gonna make me regret not taking a huff?


is en/en decent?



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2 hours ago, honoroit said:

now stalkers, is energy melee/energy aura a thing?

They're very much a thing



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11 hours ago, Bopper said:

I can testify to what Bopper's build here does. Incidentally I made a EM/EA Stalker that ended up with similar power choices due to my character's theme, but surprisingly the slotting is pretty close. You'll hit typed defense soft caps to everything except psi and toxic from like Synapse on (aside of hard mode soft caps). Yes, an EM/EA stalker can be made to be really strong.

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