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i have a dilemma... help me pick 1st scrapper since live?


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I've only ever had 1x scrapper.  My brain keeps thinking stalker is generally superior... but thats not true? you guys do pylons and stuff.


I'm torn between:

fire melee / firey aura

  • changes to fire
  • phoenix while alive is a pbaoe that can slot now
  • works fully with firey embrace


battle axe 🪓 / firey aura

  • phoenix live again
  • its a new paradigm with short cones being replaced with little baby aoes, meaning probably fewer clipping-only-1-mob problem



  • probably stupid recharge potential w force feedback
  • probably less good than prior


ice melee / stone:

  • frost cone is good on stalkers, presume so here
  • t9 likewise


i keep thinking about buying 200 converters and making a stalker again.... then ill just want a scrap again...




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Just be aware the secondaries you are contemplating do NOT have a taunt aura. And with Stone and ESPECIALLY Fiery Aura you will have a crazy amount of runners. Stone Armor is hard to kill though. It isn't squishy like Fiery Aura is. Out of those primaries, to me, Battle Axe has the most flavor. It's a darn good all around set IMO. Performs well in all aspects and plays differently enough to stand out. It has really good and fun AOE to boot. Stone Melee is chonky as all get out. If you like chonk, you'll like Stone. Fire Melee easily out performs every scrapper melee set in it's current state, so if you like it's playstyle (it's really straight forward and similar to Ice Melee) then you'll like it. Ice Melee trails behind all three of those in performance. It's performance is pretty mediocre. WITH THAT SAID I personally enjoy the Ice Melee gimmick of Ice Patch.


I've literally played and tested every scrapper primary. Same for secondaries, sans the tested part. There are no bad scrapper primaries or secondaries. Well, except for Regen. Regen is bad. Don't pick it unless you would rather collect debt. Or fight not dying as opposed to what is fighting you.

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Why not go with something in-between - Ninjitsu for scrappers makes them very stalker-ish.  You get another way of landing crits, via Shinobi, a self heal, an end recovery power, and even a little control.  Landing a crit with a battle axe, while hidden, is just the cherry on top!

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7 hours ago, SomeGuy said:


As long as you promise to have fun.


ok, im switching back again... this is why converters go up over 70k... 


battle axe. just because that pendulum aoe is real compared to trying to position cones and it likely just keeps getting better.


for the secondary, ninjitsu sounds fun.  and the armor set is better imo than the stalker equivalent, it seems more recently refreshed across powers.


i like the visuals of rad... but again a res set.  my best stalkers have always been bio, which seems to get enough res. 


shield i liked on stalker, but really only for the tp... seems its popular here with other threads.


firey aura is good for: temperature protection doubling your base regen. phoenix rising does goodish damage and I bet crits. its damage numbers arent listed, just says 'special'.  that was my main motivator there.


my character is a member of the Crey family, whos 'obtained' a rikti axe... figuring an appropriate secondary is tricky... and the new'ish crey laser rifles are so nice looking... but i have to focus.


i have a bunch of enh of various sorts, including a good few winter sets, and was hoping to find diversity across power types (ranged, melee aoe, and so on)...


this is why i normally end up using spines...


but the secondary... thats the real thing i gotta choose.


scrapper doesnt have the stone armor that makes you go all slow, so thats good.


and at the back of my head a little monster say: 'you know new meta is fire/fire stalker...surrender...'


but stalker doesnt get battle axe...spacer.png



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Although not listed above,


If you are wedded to the Axe, and really why wouldn't you be, endurance and recharge are going to be your bridesmaids. I highly suggest Energy Armor, which will give you the tools to manage the endurance and a bonus to recharge. In addition, you also gain a stealth power.


I tried Axe on other concepts and found them playable at incarnate levels when I could use Cardiac to offset the endurance, but with Energy Armor, I could play at every level.



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51 minutes ago, PyroBeetle said:

when I could use Cardiac to offset the endurance, but with Energy Armor

even up to lvl 10, the end problems are very real with battle axe.


its miserable when youve constantly to deal with inability to do anything and youre f'd if anything saps.


good call. 👍++  energy looks cool too, and its def based, with a nice auto for obscures res.

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do you think we'll see other sets get short cones turned to mini aoes? not for a while i guess.


its dramatically better, looking at you jacobs ladder and friends.


only okish one is frost from ice melee at 10ft so theres a drop more give.


but the 'i only caught one mob with the cone thing / remember at all times to try to select a close mob behind another mob' going away is a quality of life improvement with battle axe that just works.

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2 hours ago, honoroit said:

do you think we'll see other sets get short cones turned to mini aoes? not for a while i guess.

Battle Axe went from zero to hero with the revamp, which seems like the very definition of power creep to me.  (I’d have been happier if they just brought it up to its peer, oh why won’t they stop power creep?)


I think that they will indeed change more cones to AoEs.  The mob has spoken; we’re getting a monorail!

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Who run Bartertown?


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2 hours ago, honoroit said:

its perfect!  the shape fits! brain happy.


battle axe / energy aura it is.


works for crey concept too, and I can be stealthy!


thank you!


You are very welcome, and I am glad that you got to stick to your concept.


As to your question, its not just the cones to AoE that makes a large difference, but that the tractor on Axe Cyclone pulls the mobs together nicely. I hope the tractor effect remains an Axe thing, because it is still Lethal damage, and needs a perk to help it.


Melee cones are always usable from above to hit crowds, pop and shoot style. Jacobs Ladder suffers from activation time issues as well though. As far as the targeted close range AoE goes Street Justice used this even on live, and moving Pendulum there is a good balance. Where you might see a change is in the other Lethal T9s to make them more like Cleave.

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wait tho... I could be evil too...


It's Ellias Crey:


Ellias ran away. you know its easier to keep going, after you do. He'd tell himself that on harder mornings. <There's dirt in my hair>. Mercy island, heh. shithole, rather. and snakes! They place had a stench of sewage, and light metal reactives, like too many car batteries left out to sweat. cloying, and it was only sun-up. 


A few months back, Ellias was comfortably comfortable.  A fourth son to the 'countess' and wealthier / more influential that most might muster to fathom.  but he ran away.


Possessed of a nature that believes that the world is his, he took with him rikti artifacts.  hes been a quick learner with an impossibly light bladed weapon. 'it glows' is all he knows.  likewise a small strapped sack, with a globe like emitter that...well it lets the holder drain kinetic energy from their surround and does things to protect the holder from violation of close bounds.  he has no idea how to use it, but it bounced away some snake fangs.


the food is shit too. everyones poor, and gangers vomit. some wierded org like wannabes with clipboards took note of him a bit. <dovyour best to remember who you are. i want toast. theres no toast. ever onwards, Ellias>.



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