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Patch Notes for August 22nd, 2019


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5 minutes ago, DarkelementalC said:

Hi so I downloaded it but i get this waiting, can someone help me its for my iOS 



1. You are replying to a two and a half year old post.  You would be much better off starting a new thread in the help forum here.


2. Homecoming doesn’t support any mobile OS, including iOS and ChromeOS.  You will need a desktop or notebook computer, running Windows, macOS, or Linux.

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On 8/22/2019 at 9:52 AM, Manga said:


Note:  Since the FAQ is linked here, I'm modifying this post very late in order to keep the latest info here.


There are TWO ways to install City of Heroes Homecoming on your Mac:


1.  The preferred way is to download the Mac Installer for the Homecoming Launcher here: https://islandrum.eekstudio.com/mac-installer.zip


2.  An alternate way is to download Island Rum for Mac, here: https://islandrum.eekstudio.com/islandrum-mac.zip


Both packages automatically install everything you need!

I've tried both option and still having issues.


1) The Island Rum for Mac option is apparently damaged and the only option I'm presented with when trying to open it is to MOVE TO TRASH.


2) The Mac Installer goes swimmingly until I trying to actually open the game. Downloaded it, went through all the steps I could find from these message boards, and still when I click to start Launch CoH...nothing. I opens Wine Installer, thinks about it for a few seconds, then just shuts it down.


I had it working before this last update, but now I'm not having any luck. I've uninstalled & reinstalled a couple times, but that hasn't helped.


Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated!






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