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Patch Notes for August 22nd, 2019


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  • Mac OS X 10.15, codename Catalina, removes support for 32-bit applications. We have been hard at work for the last couple of months upgrading the client and all server components to 64-bit, while @Manga has been working on a new version of Island Rum that uses the 64-bit version of Wine to run the game in Mac and Linux. This patch , fingers crossed, is the culmination of those efforts.
    • Mac users experience issues 
  • When launching Tequila, you will now be presented with three options:
    • Homecoming: new 32-bit client based on modern development tools; backwards compatible with Windows XP.
    • Homecoming (64-Bit): new 64-client, which is required for players running Mac OS Catalina and recommended for players running modern operating systems; players on older operating systems may need to install the Visual Studio Redistributable Package from Microsoft in order to launch this client.
    • Homecoming (Safe Mode): old 32-bit compiled with the old toolchain; you should only use this if you run into problems with the other two versions, and you should let us know what the problems were. Very old Mac OS versions need to use this client for the time being. This version will be removed once the other two are mature and working well on all systems.
  • If you have a Mac, even if you're not currently running Catalina, please contact check out this post if you have problems with Island Rum. Since Mac users are a minority, we are going to need a lot of feedback to make sure things run smoothly for everyone.
  • Linux users can still run the 32-bit client under Wine so they're less of a concern, but if you want to test the 64-bit client, be aware that it is dynamically linked and you will need to install the Visual Studio 64-bit runtime. The 32-bit version is statically linked to maximize compatibility.
  • Because of the extensive code changes to both server and client with this patch, none of the data changes currently on the Beta servers are being published until we ensure that this patch is stable and will not require a rollback.


  • Added a roleplaying tag which will flag yourself as currently RPing.
    • This will change your character name to appear in purple as well as adding a "Roleplaying" title.
    • Use /roleplaying to toggle the flag on and off, or use the dropdown in the helper window (H by default).
  • Increased Supergroup membership limit from 150 to 300.


  • The game no longer uses DirectInput due to incompatibility with Mac OS Catalina, and now uses standard Windows messages for input. For the most part you should not notice any difference, although players with international keyboard distributions may have issues entering non-English and special symbols.
  • DirectInput Joystick support has been replaced replaced it with new Game Controller support.
    • Instead of a simple "Joystick Input Enabled" toggle, you can select which device to use from the options menu.
    • Native support for XBox controllers as well as other XInput compatible controllers. This is not available on Windows XP.
      • Controller vibration support for XInput devices:
      • Damage received
      • Environmental effects
    • Turn on vibration on the options menu, or you can choose to only enable vibration effects from one of the above sources.
  • Raw Input handles non-XInput devices and replaces DirectInput.
  • All DirectInput-compatible devices should be supported, including traditional joysticks.


  • PhysX simulation is no longer frame-locked to the game. It now runs asynchronously, so if PhysX is processing too slowly to keep up, it should not slow down your framerate, but instead use larger simulation steps to compensate.
    • If it falls too far behind, the number of PhysX objects in the scene will be reduced by removing the oldest objects.
  • When particle physics quality is set to "High" or above, mutual collision is enabled between all PhysX objects. This means that junk from Propel will stack up instead of passing through other debris, bullet casings, trash, and leaves will bounce off of and can even come to rest on it, etc. These objects also affect each other, so pushing leaves around causes other nearby objects to move (depending on their mass).
  • When physics quality is set to "Very High", the simulation step resolution is increased by 50%, and the step rate is allowed to scale up to 120fps rather than being capped at 60fps.
  • Large objects (i.e. gravity control) will always interact with all other objects, even on the Low physics setting.

Bug Fixes

  • Characters that crash on the first login after creation and become corrupted will now be cleared out by the dbserver instead of staying in the character list.
  • Fixed crash when clicking Accept on the SG Settings interface when no fields where editable.
  • Make it somewhat less likely for defeated enemies to be twisted into pretzels:
    • Overhaul ragdoll parameters. The spring and dampen settings must have been different in older versions of PhysX, because the ones in NwRagdoll did almost nothing; which is why everything was so limp.
    • Fixed joints (for all bones that don't have a spherical or hinge joint with special parameters) are apparently not working correctly, so replace them with a hinge joint that has a very small range of motion.
    • This is still not perfect. As @Number Six put it, "Ragdoll is still broken, but it's broken in new and different ways."
  • Fix enhancement tables not properly displaying % signs (and possibly crashing).
  • Switching alignment with a completed mission will no longer abandon it. This was being exploited in order to repeatedly obtain the last mission of a story arc (delivery missions in particular) and obtain the merit rewards for the arc again and again. As a result, the mission will be stuck in your list until you switch to a compatible alignment and are able to call the contact again.



Note: Antivirus software will probably freak out when the new client executable is downloaded; make sure you add it to your whitelist if you get an "access denied" or "file not found" error when trying to start the Homecoming client.

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38 minutes ago, Leandro said:

Note: Antivirus software will probably freak out when the new client executable is downloaded; make sure you add it to your whitelist if you get an "access denied" or "file not found" error when trying to start the Homecoming client.

Yes, AVG for Business was freaking out on the 64bit client.  Sent exe off to be "looked at" and then exempted the file.

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Matt Miracle

Covenant of Honor - Excelsior

A.W.O.L. (formerly on Liberty Live Server).

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Nice work team.  This is an amazing patch.  Upgrading the engine itself speaks to the long term viability of the team's plan instead of spending time tweaking game balance numbers.


I'm excited.

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Everlasting server - Sister Pistols and the Perma-Newbies SG

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Thanks for patch, always good to see 🙂

But what's wrong with the patch forum? https://forums.homecomingservers.com/forum/58-patch-notes/ Is there any point in having patches in the annoucements? Might as well do away with the patch forum. 

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I used to play under the handle @Purple Clown, back on Live. Now I play under @Lunchmoney


I'm in the UK and play on Reunion.


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This is where I am stuck:


==> Next steps:

- Run `brew help` to get started

- Further documentation:


Dougs-iMac:~ Doug$ Run 'brew help'

-bash: Run: command not found

Dougs-iMac:~ Doug$ 'brew help'

-bash: brew help: command not found

Dougs-iMac:~ Doug$ brew help

Example usage:

  brew search [TEXT|/REGEX/]

  brew info [FORMULA...]

  brew install FORMULA...

  brew update

  brew upgrade [FORMULA...]

  brew uninstall FORMULA...

  brew list [FORMULA...]



  brew config

  brew doctor

  brew install --verbose --debug FORMULA



  brew create ]

  brew edit [FORMULA...]


Further help:

  brew commands

  brew help [COMMAND]

  man brew


Dougs-iMac:~ Doug$


Can someone please tell me what to do?


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Oh wow, my framerate jumped from around 40-50 to 130+ !! The sound feels more clear, Nvidia experience now see it as a game (not that I ever use it) and everything now looks more clear on my 144 hz IPS screen. 🙂

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