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Unique GUI save/load/bind help


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Hello, complete programming noob/disaster area here needing help for dummies!


I use exactly the same GUI layout for all my alts bar one, a bots MM.

I asked and got help with getting my layout right then saving and loading the wdw and option files and then the bind to load in those saved files using a single keystroke.


However I do need a seperate and different layout for the Mm due to the pet window et cetera.


I know I can use \wdw_save_file MyAlt_windows.txt and \option_save_file MyAlt_windows.txt and the other one to save and load them.


I am not sure if the MyAlt_windows.txt goes in place of the _file bit or if I need it all and also if I can change the MyAlt_windows.txt bit to read something like Bots_windows.txt


Then I need to get the bind bit right....

I think I can use /bind H "option_load_file MyAlt_windows.txt$$wdw_load_file MyAlt_windows.txt" but am not sure how much of MyAlt_windows.txt (or if possible Bots_windows.txt)I need to use?


Help please and thanks so much...

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Looks like you have it correct. The command would be:

 /option_save_file MyAlt_windows.txt

You can rename MyAlt_windows.txt to whatever you would like the output file to be. Syntax will be the same for the \wdw_save_file command.


The bind command you posted looks correct!


If I may make one suggestion, I'd consider using a key combo for a bind like that. So instead of binding to H, bind it to something like SHIFT+H or CTRL+H, where you have to press two keys to activate the bind. That way if you accidentally hit H it won't reload your windows and close any windows you had open. It's probably a minor thing in this case, but for any commands that you don't want accidentally going off, it can help to bind them to key combos to reduce the risk of accidental keypresses.

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Hi, armed with above and full of confidence I have just tried to set it all up and failed at the first hurdle!

It will not accept the input string as a command and just prints it out as normal chat in whatever channel I happen to be in atm.

I am now using the SG tab to save hassles in Help/LFG channels duh 🙂

Any ideas please. Thanks

Did try saving the wdw file but same result!


EDIT Problem solved.  I had to use the / and not the \  !!!!!!!!!

No idea why the difference but both wdw and option files saved and the bind (Shift H) 😇 working as wanted. Funny stuff this computereze, way beyond me 🙂 Cheers

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Glad you got it working. The foward/backwards slash is a bugger to remember and still gets me (as evidenced above), especially when I am going from memory and am not in CoH to test it.

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