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  1. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!! Or not. Beats me man, beats me. If they were gonna shut it down, doubt we'd hear about it that way.
  2. I like apples. You like oranges. Let's all argue for a long time about it.
  3. Y'all are terrible at these replies. It's like someone paid for you to add to this thread-- almost like a something a Nemesis bought.
  4. If he's dead, he's starting to smell. So disgusting, this Nemesis rot.
  5. Just saw that my update to Catalina is available. From what I have gathered everything seems to be prepped for and a-okay to make the upgrade, just wondering if there is anyone who's actually updated to Catalina and been able to log in and play?
  6. What does RP exclusive content look like? I understand (and like that they did it!) an "unofficial" RP server, as it allows people who want that type of content to be around other like-minded folks and those who don't to not be around it and possibly ruin it for anyone else, but what would dev created content look like? Also, if you were on a server with AE disabled, wouldn't there be (presumably) a lower population as some people want some form of AE, and therefore the city would be empty? Not sure if the numbers would support that, but just offering a thought that maybe getting rid of it on a server might not have the intended result you might want. But hey- it could work! I ain't yucking anyone's yum for ideas, just a little devil's advocate.
  7. Cuts. Not great on cuts. Also, as to how to define what is okay or not okay, I assume the powers that be will know it when they see it. If it's good enough for porn, it's good enough for superheroes and villains.
  8. Okay- good. Clearly none of it worked, on their end or yours. I get frustration, but say your peace (piece?) and be done. Unless you'd like to talk about politics, religion and taste in food, because those also go very well when it comes to civil discourse. This is about PL'ing and how an attitude can scare people away. I understand going off topic, but when it's just a few people going back and forth to argue, that's gonna scare people away too. Or at least annoy people who are trying to follow along with the matter at hand. I know this is the boards and that !=the game, but it shows a bit of the same thoughts on everyone's end.
  9. Oh cool, we're still going to keep on doing it. Wonderful.
  10. Can you (the lot of you, not any one specific person) stop the bickering? For crying out loud, who cares? You're both wrong, you're both right, whatever. Just shut up and stop polluting the thread. I get tired of having to skip over tons of TL;DR just because someone needs to wave their e-peen about being right. Take it to PMs and be mad at each other there. NOW BACK TO THE TOPIC AT HAND: I have a farmer and will occasionally shout out for door sitters, just to pay it forward. I've had the same done for me. People not looking for a few million payment for a run, or demanding you forward any purple drops, just doing it for a little hand-up to people starting something. Hell, I shot some "newbie" 20 mil just so they could start IO'ing their build. I don't expect anyone to do that for me, and that's okay if someone else expects it. I don't ever remember that happening on Live. I never did it for people and I don't think anyone did for me. I had friends who would PL new toons we wanted to try, but it was never just some rando broadcasting in a channel or over broadcast. Maybe because we had to pay a fee to play (time was, literally, money then) or maybe we've all gotten a little more soft since we're just happy to be back in the Ci-tay. Either way, that guy/gal/other that sent OP the tells in-game can suck a butt. I love how they start with "CoH is the friendliest place ever!" and then pepper the whole exchange with "DO IT MY WAY OR YOU SUCK!" talk. People are walking contradictions.
  11. You left a game because of a sound change? I mean, to each their own, but....wow. Unless the sound was a live-stream of someone torturing my loved ones, in which case, sure I'm on board with not being down with that kind of sound change.
  12. I get that everyone wants to donate- but why the need to cap? If there's one crazy mofo out there that wants to donate the full amount every month and is hovering over the donate button the second it opens, let that crazy mofo do it. It's not a competition, you don't get the Extra Premium Super Duper City of HeroesTM for donating. You're not losing out on anything (other than some personal need to have donated). Just be happy that other people have it covered. Community, not competition. I know we all want to feel special for having given to the cause, but your house is built- don't be mad you didn't get to do some of the wiring or drywall. You'll get a chance to do some improvements later, just wait.
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