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  1. But...that isn't how it works. That is converting your dongle to a dangle so you can buy a dingle. I just wanna give you a dongle and you give me a dingle. Or 10 dongles for 1 dingle, I don't much care about the conversion rate, that's for someone else to balance. Isn't the problem (or at least one of as mentioned by Six) that there is too much obfuscation? It's baked into the system already. Converting this to that to buy this to flip it to and so on and so on and no clear way of knowing what way it has swung. I'd say just toss a vendor somewhere and call it a day. Buy everything in the game from him/her/it for a set price. You've instituted a hard cap on what there can be and people can always can get it for cheaper on the market if they want it NOW. I am sure this wouldn't work and would totally change everything, but it seems simple* to me. *which of course means that it is wildly complex and would never work
  2. Oh, he's my new best friend. I just have to run over to him, which is like 12 seconds of travel and that is just the most terrible thing to ever happen in the history of humanity. Awww dang, I left my sarcasm thingamajig on again.
  3. So here's what I don't get- and this has nothing to do with the patch and that's okay because apparently this whole thread is just gonna devolve into a "z0mg y u h8 me i luv my haxxxo0rzzr0rz ph@rm" post: But.... What is the point of the market and influence? In the days of yore back on live ("Live"), it made sense that people needed to make influence because that's what kept a subscription going, in some way/shape/form. I want to get more purples, so I have to farm more (play for another month, pay my money to the money-god) or I have to play the market-flip game (I gotsta tweak the algorithm and exploit market movement, so I pay my money to the money-god pt. b). But....now? Who cares? I would assume the overwhelming majority of the player population is not contributing to the real-life financial viability of this game. And if the volunteer-devs are doing this to make money, well congrats because you guys are putting in a lot of work to make very little money. Maybe you should have been teachers instead.... Why not just set a cost for a purple (or whatever your recipe d'jour is) and then let the market sort it out. You want that Ragnarok proc? Buy it from the new IO vendor for 25 mil! Or let the market sell it to you for 24 mil...but maybe you'll luck out and get it for 20 mil! Or maybe 18 mil! Or maybe you'll really luck out and get it for a taco and a kind word. Farming (love it, hate it, don't even know about it) becomes little more than a wang-dang-doodle-measuring contest because even if you have 40 billion, you're not going to get much further than those who had enough to buy whatever the ceiling price was at the vendor. I'm not an economist (...or am I?) but I just don't understand the point of not letting people buy any/all IOs from a vendor to set a cap on things. Would this not fix the rampant influence glut- if it exists? People could still "play the market" and exploit inefficiencies, but those who wanted to avoid it entirely could just spend their hard-or-not-hard earned inf on things at the cap and avoid it entirely. I dunno. I'm gonna go back to AP and be mad that a bunch of people are crowded around Ms. Liberty and making it impossible to level up my ice/elec controller and let everyone else ramble on.
  4. I'm not sure if this is 100% wrong or 100% in regards to being a parent, but it's one of those two for sure. To stay on track with the thread's discourse- I have a hard time getting ruffled up about anything that happens here. This game straight up died. No más. Finite. And we're back here? Cool beans man! Is it perfect? Of course not. But it's free (unless you donate, which you're still donating and not being charged) and run by people who do this for fun/love/sense of duty/boredom. If I hate the way it's being run here, I'll go somewhere else. We've got options in other servers with different styles of running things. All the kicking and screaming is better done with your feet- if you don't like it, go somewhere else. I'm not saying don't voice your opinion, but getting worked up about anything that happens here is inordinately silly and the internet as a whole is full of silly shit. I'm sure there are many people here doing the respectful discourse thing, but TL;DR to most of it. And now, I've contributed to TL:DR. What on earth am I doing?
  5. Perfect, thanks! Kinda what I figured, but I sure as shinola wasn't reading 100+ posts to figure that out.
  6. Budo

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  7. I like coming to the forums of a once-dead-then-not-dead-again(-yet?) game and arguing about what should happen for the future. It's a fun break from all the political fighting about what should happen for the future on social media. Oh, wait. Anyone got a TL;DR summary? I'm assuming we're simultaneously mad about the lack of content and there being too much content. (I'm sure you all made wonderful points, I'm sure someone attacked someone else and took something out of context, I'm sure someone apologized and someone else took the apology and escalated it for some more ad hominem attacks, I just have a hard time reading and consequently paying attention to your dissertations)
  8. Budo

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    I don't speak morse code!
  9. Running Catalina 10.15.3 and just ran the patch. All is well on my end- at least enough to load in, spin around once, and log back out. So, anecdotally all is well for folks running Catalina. Now hopefully the occasional giant lag spikes of doom will clear up with this patch...
  10. Put me into this camp. Didn't know, do know now, still don't care. I...I dunno, man. This does not seem like a good place to mine for deep sociological meaning. I mean, maybe there's a doctoral thesis out there for a decade-plus old video game that died and kinda came back and has a wonky-forum structure, but I think it'd be a tough one to defend. But I'd definitely say that I read the headline for the synopsis of the article of the tweet it was based on. Maybe. Okay, probably not.
  11. But then how are we gonna complain on the forums? We can't have any logic creep in here now, can we?!
  12. We went to the moon* on the equivalent of a TI-81. Rocket science is no longer that much of a stretch. *lol, we didn't go the moon. Francis Ford Coppola faked that, c'mon, don't be a sheep, we all know space travel isn't possible, idiot
  13. I was looking for a tank build, and the first 3 results were from the MM forum and the next 4 were ads for male enhancement.
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