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  1. I had a similar idea recently as I was inspired by the Leviathan proccing thread. Which of course highlights the biggest omission in your build: Knockout Blow (From Leviathan Mastery. You aren't a worthy puncher until you have your finishing blow! If you are interested, this is the build I came up with:
  2. The problem is that Bio is really inefficient on a Stalker. They lose their best power for the sake of Hide, so Bio is one of those sets in which you really should play a Scrapper instead. It makes people more reluctant to make a build for you. How married to Bio are you exactly? Considering the loss of that key aura, you can actually get similar damage numbers from Shield while being far more powerful defensively. If you are okay with Shield, this build will serve you well. It has top-tier damage while still remaining defensively strong: http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1524&c=712&a=1424&f=HEX&dc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
  3. This is what I am thinking of using in order to go with the high power of Leviathan. I ended up siding against the Absorb proc in KO Blow as I wasn't so sure the extra survivability was necessary and I quite like damage. Also Mids was listnig the +Recharge of the proc at 53% and I am pretty sure that is wrong (and I didn't want the headache of having to figure out the ability's recharge with incorrect information). There are some serious issues with it however. Most notably, I don't see any way of getting away from Ageless not for the Recharge but for the End. That is a serious issue due to the Mez protection of Clarion being basically mandatory for any Tankermind, otherwise you get mezzed, your toggles drop, and you die. I also have no idea what I am doing. I'm sure the pet slotting is all kinds of wrong and I am probably skipping some key powers (I'd really love to get my hands on Time's Junction but don't know what to sacrifice). Any help would be appreciated. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1547&c=754&a=1508&f=HEX&dc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
  4. Is that something that happens in game, or is it just a bug with Mids?
  5. Not only does the Snipe bring good damage on its own, but the 40ish percent chance of a Build Up it brings (Via Decimation) increases your DPS by far more than 1/6 of a crit does. Besides, a high-end attack chain requires two extremely high damage attacks outside of Assassin's Strike. Without using a Snipe as one of those high damage attacks, that just isn't possible.
  6. Crabs can use the gun just as well. My crab's backpack is purely decorative.
  7. That is a whole lot of Pizza being ordered.
  8. Fitness is inherent so you don't need to make a choice between it and Leadership for your fourth power pool. Also, have you considered Thugs? The main thing Bots have over Thugs is more resists but that is much less of an issue if you are a Tankermind considering their resists don't even come in to play for the shared damage. The Thugs will bring a bit more defence and a lot more damage.
  9. You could give him a hook or a bionic hand. A bionic hand would actually be pretty cool - you could make a futuristic Tyr.
  10. Also bumping for visibility. This is important stuff.
  11. The changes to Bruising will hurt a proc build a lot too, so it all comes out a wash really.
  12. I understand that people who hate pineapple on pizza are obviously monsters and you seek to punish them, but forcing them to endure olives is just too much. No crime deserves a sentence that severe.
  13. Tankers don't really have superior defence and resistance. My Brutes cap them both just the same as Tanks. Tanks do have more hitpoints though which does give them slightly more survivability. However the Brutes have more damage under most conditions, so it seems fair. As for the damage cap change, it doesn't change the equation - when both ATs are at the damage cap, the Brute damage wins (unless there is more than 10 targets in range). The endurance buff is nice, and obviously an asset, but it is hardly a game-altering change. Most people take Ageless anyway and with that you have basically unlimited endurance so the buff is kind of irrelevant. What it might to is give Tankers a chance to not be forced in to taking Ageless and more options is a good thing. All of the ATs should receive a similar Endurance buff just so the other Destiny powers have a chance of being taken once in a while.
  14. I think people are starting to get a bit dramatic here. These tank changes don't invalidate Brutes outside of farming. Brute damage is still greater than Tank damage unless the Tank is AOEing more than 10 targets. So Tanks are better at clearing out trash now? That is awesome. They are still inferior to Brutes when it comes to clearing out fights where your stats have a chance of actually mattering like in AV and GM fights. In fact, with these changes, Tanks are even inferior in those fights compared to how they were prior to the changes. The Tanker becomes the AOE tank and the Brute becomes the single target tank. I'd call that balance if it weren't for the fact that the Tanker only actually excels in AOE damage when there are more than 10 targets - until that point, the Brute is the single target tank and the AOE tank too. So if anything, the balance is still in favour of the Brute.
  15. Not really, it doesn't actually change the damage at all (for single target at least). Lower damage scale + Bruised does the same damage as higher damage scale with no Bruised, regardless of the number of Rage stacks being applied.
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