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  1. Also bumping for visibility. This is important stuff.
  2. The changes to Bruising will hurt a proc build a lot too, so it all comes out a wash really.
  3. I understand that people who hate pineapple on pizza are obviously monsters and you seek to punish them, but forcing them to endure olives is just too much. No crime deserves a sentence that severe.
  4. Tankers don't really have superior defence and resistance. My Brutes cap them both just the same as Tanks. Tanks do have more hitpoints though which does give them slightly more survivability. However the Brutes have more damage under most conditions, so it seems fair. As for the damage cap change, it doesn't change the equation - when both ATs are at the damage cap, the Brute damage wins (unless there is more than 10 targets in range). The endurance buff is nice, and obviously an asset, but it is hardly a game-altering change. Most people take Ageless anyway and with that you have basically unlimited endurance so the buff is kind of irrelevant. What it might to is give Tankers a chance to not be forced in to taking Ageless and more options is a good thing. All of the ATs should receive a similar Endurance buff just so the other Destiny powers have a chance of being taken once in a while.
  5. I think people are starting to get a bit dramatic here. These tank changes don't invalidate Brutes outside of farming. Brute damage is still greater than Tank damage unless the Tank is AOEing more than 10 targets. So Tanks are better at clearing out trash now? That is awesome. They are still inferior to Brutes when it comes to clearing out fights where your stats have a chance of actually mattering like in AV and GM fights. In fact, with these changes, Tanks are even inferior in those fights compared to how they were prior to the changes. The Tanker becomes the AOE tank and the Brute becomes the single target tank. I'd call that balance if it weren't for the fact that the Tanker only actually excels in AOE damage when there are more than 10 targets - until that point, the Brute is the single target tank and the AOE tank too. So if anything, the balance is still in favour of the Brute.
  6. Not really, it doesn't actually change the damage at all (for single target at least). Lower damage scale + Bruised does the same damage as higher damage scale with no Bruised, regardless of the number of Rage stacks being applied.
  7. I don't actively use my T1s or T2s in any of my builds, except for my Crab. So as actual powers, they will never be useful but that doesn't mean that other classes don't have any use for them. They are a great place to slot global ATOs in, so I never resent having them be part of my build on other characters. The problem with Tanks is that they don't have a global ATO, so if they aren't getting Bruised then those T1s and T2s have no use whatsoever. If you change one of their ATOs to being a global proc, then they would be in the same position as the other classes.
  8. There is some good stuff here and I am a huge fan of the Gauntlet changes, however the removal of Bruised for the sake of a higher damage base doesn't seem even close to being a positive change. Effectively, what it does is lower the Tank's team DPS, and single target DPS (due to procs being multiplied by Bruised, but not the damage base); for the sake of increasing AOE DPS and the Tank's freedom of choice (by not being forced in to actively using their T1 power). To me, it seems like you are giving up far too much for the sake of those gains. Assuming that nerfing the Tank's team DPS and single target DPS isn't the goal but a side-effect of the two positive aspects of the change; then a better solution would be to leave the Tank's damage base as it is but have all of their attacks apply Bruised. That way the AOE DPS will increase by the same margin as your proposed changes, the Tank's freedom of choice is similarly improved, and neither the team DPS or Tank's single target DPS will change from what is on live right now.
  9. If you can't have two versions, can't you just get rid of the -damage part of the crash? It seems to me that the point of the power is to temporarily turn your Tank in to a pseudo-Scrapper. Increasing damage at the expense of your defences makes sense with that, but having a damage crash involved kind of ruins that aspect too. You could even change the power completely and get rid of the crash entirely but make the defensive penalties apply for the entire duration.
  10. Can you give it the Sentinel Treatment (for Super Reflexes) where there are two mutually exclusive powers? One like you described and one that has a 120 second recharge and duration with an unenhanceable recharge? That way people that have no intention of stacking them can take the version that I just mentioned and not have to worry about manually monitoring their buffs to make sure they don't accidentally double-stack.
  11. That is unfortunate, but good to know. Thanks.
  12. When does the buff kick in? Does it proc (and start counting down) at the start of an attack's animation, the end, or somewhere in the middle?
  13. The title pretty much covers the question. The way I see it, there are three possible outcomes here: A. The proc stacks, so for a brief moment you could potentially have a 100% crit rate. B. The proc doesn't stack, but a re-proc renews the duration, so you could potentially have +50% crit for 100% of the time if you spammed the attack enough. C. The proc doesn't stack, and cannot be retriggered until the previous proc has expired. Which of these happens to be the case? Really hoping it isn't C.
  14. The title pretty much covers my question. I know it is fairly standard practice to slot Stalker's Guile in Assassin's Strike, followed by a hard hitting power to auto-crit with. However, if Moonbeam benefits from the auto-crit, then I think I'd be better suited putting it elsewhere in the chain for the extra proc chance. My proposed chain (Street Justice) is: Shin Breaker -> Crushing Uppercut -> Shin Breaker -> Assassin's Strike -> Moonbeam; however if I move the Stalker's Guile to Crushing Uppercut and change my attack chain to: Shin Breaker -> Crushing Uppercut -> Shin Breaker -> Moonbeam -> Assassin's Strike; then I should get quite a bit more DPS by potentially having Crushing Uppercut, Moonbeam, and Assassin's Strike all crit. Even in the lower recharge attack, Stalker's Guile's high PPM rate still means a 65.2% chance to proc (a ‭42.5104‬% chance for it to proc twice in the attack chain, and a ‭87.8896‬% chance for it to proc once in the attack chain).
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