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  1. Agreed! I usually keep mine on Auto. (Even long before it's perma)
  2. Anyone know the Macro for melee attacks that follows your target first? I figure I'd replace all my melee attacks with Macros instead. I'm sure I saw someone mention it before, but I can't find it... I've been sticking to range characters because of how annoying it is to be slightly out of range for your attack to go off. Thought this might make it much better!
  3. I agree, I wouldn't want to go without Mass Hypnosis. I see it as a great bailout power. If your team pulls too many. Or if everyone straight up dies, it can get you out of trouble. As long as you talk to your team ahead of time, it can also be used for very selective pulling. It's not a must have for me. But it's a really nice to have.
  4. I don't think anything above is wrong... EXCEPT: Use it if you want. It's still good enough, and contributes well to a team. I've seen first hand back on live (before Devices buff, well before Blaster buffs). A Electric/Devices blaster played well can be very devastating. Play whatever you want, I can't think of a set that is so bad you can't play the game well.
  5. Pretty sure I saw a good one in the "guide" section. Energy/Energy is great! Especially if you learn to use the knockback well. I think Fly/hover is a must to change the angles. There is also a very good guide on Energy/Energy in the Sentinel section.
  6. This is great advice, Thank you! Going to work on the accolade today. I think it will make a huge difference. My trips to the hospital are always when my tray is empty. So giving it a bit more room would be a big help. I'll also need to look more into accolades. I never really went for them. Even back on live.
  7. Thanks for this! I didn't know I'm in the 2nd arch and already have access to the patron power pools. I'll likely leave it for later and come back when I have better enhancements and maybe even with teammates. It's good to know that this content is known to be hard. I was starting to think I just had a bad build for solo play. I played mostly on teams up to level 40. My plan with Dominators was to have one AT to focus on and hopefully do all the content. Solo, team, farm, PvP. Considering the challenges in these missions, I'm thinking maybe a Sentinal instead (or a Blaster?). ...I've been looking for this holly grail since issue 1 way back when.... I think it's probably a melee class. But I never enjoyed playing them..
  8. I've been really struggling fighting Elite Bosses to get the Villain Patron powers. At level 40 with a Mind/Martial Dominator. I believe at the last mission for Scirocco. "Stop the rituals" to draw him out. Getting there was painful. Even with Domination up, eating 4 reds, purples, yellows, and orange inspirations. Then layering two holds. The Elite Bosses in those missions walk through everything. If I do hold them it's very briefly, then they kill me. I'm playing on -1/x0, No AV. Usually to finish the boss at the end involved doing about 1/3 damage before dying, then rushing back to do a little more. Until I finally finish them off. I'm finding this last mission even harder. Might need a team. Anyone else get their Patron Powers solo? Is it possible? Is their an easier way? My build has all the Mind/ powers except the cone fear and the t1 mesmerize. I have all the ranged attacks in /Martial. Running: Combat Jumping, Stealth, Acrobatics, Maneuvers.
  9. Thank you for posting this build! I used it as a template to build a Mind/Martial, and I'm loving it. Only used it PvE so far, but it leveled really up to level 27 today. I'm also happy that it could be used for PvP when I eventually get around to it. So much fun, could very well become my main. I'm thinking of trying with Energy Blast as well. http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1549&c=720&a=1440&f=HEX&dc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
  10. Looking for a bind that I can press to activate Super Speed and Super Jump. Even better if it will toggle between 'Super Speed' and 'Super Jump' with 'Combat Jumping' and 'Hover' Anyone have one. I'm pretty limited with making binds. I tried: /bind v "powexec_name super speed$$powexec_name super jump" But that only toggles between Super Jump and Super Speed. I suppose I could go: /bind v "powexec_name Combat Jumping$$powexec_name super jump" and have a separate /bind b "powexec_name super speed" Thought someone might have something better though..
  11. I'm always looking at getting down to one character and avoiding alts. I think I'm settling on Dominators as the AT that can do it all. But can it farm? Anyone have any success with it?
  12. There is no doubt you can solo as a blaster. Many of us have done it. I'd even say they are the most fun, BECAUSE they can die easily. It's high risk/reward. I've often found other ATs boring because they are so safe.. There are also a lot of choices on how you play a blaster.
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